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The holidays are coming early, because I have thought of 5 blogging tips for beginners. Man what can be sweeter than blogging tips in your stockings?

So, why the sudden interest in blogging tips for beginners you might ask?

I have been setting up some new blogs lately, Your Mortgage Calc and Periodic Tables, and I was thinking about all the ways that I messed up when I started my blog, and decided that it was a good thing to reverse that in future sites. Revisiting what I had done right and wrong helped me to understand what I needed to do for my new sites. That was also the basis behind this post for blogging tips for beginners.

5 Blogging Tips For Beginners

  1. Do your keyword research first. One of the things that I did not do when I started AndyNathan.net was that I just assumed that it would be good to have a site with my name in it. That is fine, but the challenge with that theory is that you lose some keyword searches. While, I do not regret using my name for a blog, I understand that I might not always out against a social media or social networking .com site. These sites were designed to avoid that challenge.
  2. Start SEO immediately! When I  started I thought that I would just use social networking to drive traffic. 40% of my traffic now comes from search. Up until January it was around 10-20% of traffic.
  3. Have a plan to monetize your site. I set up this blog with the intention of documenting my goals to 10 million followers on Twitter. It was on a lark that I just committed to over time. Five months after I started blogging I started to devise  a plan.
  4. Along with having a plan to monetize your site, you also need to have a plan to market your site. SEO is definitely a big part of this strategy, but also do not forget email marketing, PPC, social networking, and other marketing techniques.
  5. Be OK with changing the plan. I moved slowly on this site. Part of it was fear that this is somewhat working. There needed to be more experimentation when I started to drive more traffic to this site. That being said, I have definitely made up for lost ground. These new sites are based off my experiments, plus allow me more freedom to test out other ideas. Better to mess up early, so you can either ditch a project or reverse course if necessary.

With any attempt at blogging there will be a mixture of fear and excitement as you start. By removing the fear and adding some excitement, hopefully this post has helped you use these blogging tips for beginners effectively to your blog.