social networking campaignLast week during the discussion about 5 Ways To Find Your Next Prospective Client I mentioned that I would do another post on the top 42 niche social networks. So, without further ado, let us discuss these 42 niche social networks.

Please note that these sites generally have an Alexa ranking of 100,000 or less, unless there is a lot of recent activity. Additionally, some sites I use on this list and there are some that I have heard of from other professionals or through online research. I will do my best to give you the best niche social networks, however, I ask for a mea culpa if I am off anywhere.

Here are these 42 rocking niche social networks with a brief description in no particular order.

42 Niche Social Networks

1. Warrior Forum-One of my favorite networks, because this is for internet marketers.
2. MLM Social– I have made some great connections there in the past.
3. Etsy-Are you crafty? Then take a look at this for a place to sell your wares.
4. MLM Beat-Similar to MLM social, except for MLM bloggers. Update: 12/9/18- Does not look like a social network anymore.
5. Active Rain-Real estate social network. Update: 12/9/18- Now an outdoor site.
6. Bigger Pockets-I use to devour this site up as a real estate investor.
7. Flixster-Good for movie buffs.
8. for bloggers.
9. GoodReads– Great place to meet other avid readers.
10. GovLoop-This network connects different federal, state, and local government workers across the web. Any federal contractors reading this?
11. DeviantArt-This is a social networking community surprisingly for…Artists.
12. Eons-Need to target people over 40? Then this baby boomer network is for you. Update: 12/9/18- No longer an active site.
13. LinkedIn-before I hear cop-out. Remember this network is business only.
14. Ning-We have to include a network that is all about users creating their own niche networks.
15. SocialVibe-This is a network devoted to charity.
16. WAYN-Social network for travelers. It is the acronym of Where Are You Now.
17. Couch Surfing-Social Network for travelers looking for a place to crash. Note 4/10/13: This is a really cool site. Some of the stuff I see on hear blows my mind away. Definitely check it out.
18. TCN-For UK construction workers reading this. Small group, but interesting.
19. Developers Force-Part of
20. site dedicated to HR professionals in social networking.
21. Blackboard-Site for teachers looking to interact with students
22. Biznik-This is for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Note: MLM not wanted.
23. TripAdvisor The travel site has an extensive forum along with 60 million reviews.
24. PetSide Are you an animal lover?
25. into college, paying for college, you get the drift.
26. GodTube-For those with a more religious audience.
27. Gaia Online-Gamers playground and forum
28. Socializr-Events social network. Note: This site is in beta. Update: 12/9/18- now redirects to Punchbowl.
29. Epinions-Rating and social network on consumer goods. This might be a good place to do some advertising. Note: they were bought by
30. Cafe Mom-Articles and topics by and for moms.
31. Lawyrs-Social network for lawyers and law students. This group is a little small.
32. MediaBistro-This is a community for creatives (artists, writers, editors, book publishers, tv, radio, etc).
33. VegetarianPassions-Smaller network, but from what I can see devoted users. (This is not anywhere near my niche, so I am can not really tell you a lot about this group).
34. Pattern Review-Social Networking for sewing professionals. Might be good for fashion professionals.
35.Parents Connect– Nickelodeon’s social network for parents.
36. Barista Exchange-13,000 members doing coffee talk! Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit.
37. Star Wars-Yes! I completely geeked up the entire list with Star Wars! Use the social network, young Skywalker!
38. Trek Space-My geekiness knows no bounds with this Ning network. Engage Star Trek fans!
39. Tip’d-Social networking for finance! Money and social networking all in one place. Update: 12/9/18- Had a security error on the site. Do Not visit!
40. Young Entrepreneur-Part of forum for entrepreneurs. Update: 12/9/18- Now
41., so they have two forums for entrepreneurs. Tre Bizarre!
42.Cnet– The place where you get to download all those free software programs also has a happening forum.

Final Thoughts

Now, go forth to the proper social network and find some clients! Also, if you have any social networks please put the name (not the link) in the comment section below. I will check them out and add them if warranted to the list. In the meantime, these 42 niche social networks should you rocking and rolling to business.