There have to be days when I wonder if I have internet ADD. I go from site to site at blazing speeds, only to end up with the conclusion that my jittery, always on the go, A type personality is just naturally internet ADD prone. It is part of my creativity, and something I am proud of.

So I thought I would dedicate an article today to those who want to write to people less than average attention spans. To the skimmers and fast readers. What to write to get their attention?

Internet ADD Attention Getters’s

  1. Put the important items, like Internet ADD, in a different color and make it bold! Maybe even a bigger font.

  2. Keep things short and sweet!
  3. Bullets or numbers can really make this easier to see the main points.
  4. Draw their Attention right below the screen, so they have to scroll down and see more of your page!

The average viewer checks out a website within 10 seconds of reaching the page and decides whether they want to continue looking at that page or go on to something better. Make it worth their time to stay on your page longer.

The longer you get people to stay on your site and read your content, the greater the possibility that they will want to work with you. Otherwise, you are fighting an impossible battle of creating legitimacy within 10 seconds.

Now, go forth and make sure that you can get help everyone who comes to your site, including those with internet ADD learn and prosper from your knowledge.