So, it is a little past midnight as I write this article. For the second time in the past two weeks I am using a new computer, since the new one that I bought from Best Buy two weeks to replace my trusty, old Lenovo crashed and burned(for the heart-wrenching details click here and get a kleenex). After finally getting 99% of all the programs and files that I had lost back from carbonite on the dell, it was all wiped out again for a mysterious reason that Best Buy just point blank decided was my fault. Oh well, you Geek squad hint of a man, my new computer that I got in exchange is even cooler! Thank you universe for giving me a long lasting fast computer (chants, incantations, and the like will be done shortly)!I have officially named this computer Free And Clear, because it will be the vehicle that helps me move free and clear of any challenges, entanglements, and towards opportunity!

In the meantime, I just turned 32, so I must decide what the heck I should do for my birthday, and also reminisce about everything that I have learned in my past 32 years, and then have an even larger discussion on what I am learning now.

So here goes all my wisdom in one blog post:

  1. Attitude can lead to gratitude! Sure, I might complain like Fran Fine from the Nanny over spilled milk occasionally! You have to let out your frustrations, but in the end you need to step back and realize that there is good in everyone and everything. I came up the stairs to my apartment yesterday with my new computer box in hand, and laughed because if that was the worst challenge the universe would throw at me to stop me from achieving my dreams, then the world is full of opportunity!
  2. Go for it! I have been told by people in the past that I have either an insane ability to jump into action, whether good or bad is a different story. I have tempered this a little in the past few years more to make sure that I make more educated decisions, however, I believe that no matter what happens in life I have gained from being able to take the road less traveled by as Frost would say.
  3. At the same time, I have learned that sometimes my greatest victory is trusting my gut when something does not feel right. I ignored it a few times when I started in business, and the heap of trouble that caused me is more than enough to let me know that I should believe in my gut moving forward.

Now as to what I am learning:

  1. Patience
  2. Patience
  3. Patience
  4. Breath when a challenge arises
  5. Breath when an opportunity arises
  6. Listen More
  7. Love More
  8. Help More
  9. Do More
  10. Delegate More
  11. Eliminate More
  12. To Stop Using The Word More And Say Better!
  13. Better!
  14. Yep!
  15. Back to The List!
  16. Focus
  17. Consistency

As I explore a new year of my life, I look to how I can impact the future. What is the point of learning today, if you do not apply it tomorrow. Part of this blog is a testament to the idea that I have gained from the experience and knowledge of others and myself to share with you on this blog and through my services.

I am excited about the new year, and all of the cool things that it will bring. To celebrate those changes, I am updating the look and feel of this blog. It definitely has a different look and feel then what I had used last year. I believe that it is time for a change. The content will still be the awesome and entertaining information you have come to expect with a hint of hilarity, but there will be some additional changes to the site in the weeks to come. All I want to say right now, is that you need to be prepared for an onslaught of awesomeness!