Special Offer for Entrepreneurs Looking to build their business!

Entrepreneurs have officially become part of the new American Dream. As the idea of a secure job with big business fades, small business has risen in popularity over the past few years.

The bigger question is where does this leave you?

It leaves you in control of your destiny! This is a country built on the foundations of enterprising individuals creating businesses that would redefine the way the world works. Now a small business is not just something for the rare few. It is ready for those who are willing to put behind it their passion and energy.

The fact that you are here indicates that you are someone who is looking to build a better life for themselves.

As we enter a new decade, we look to find out what is the best way that we can create this life. In order to do that we must look within ourselves to determine our passion and interests. The one challenge that most people are having today is not the confidence to move forward with these dreams. They are instead overwhelmed by the fear that starting a business today will take too long for them to pay their bills tomorrow.

It is this fear that stops most new business owners from diving head first into their own business. It is also the reason behind 30 Minute Businesses. As an entrepreneur, I know that getting started now is the best way to calm the fears of not having cash tomorrow.

So, starting up a business in 30 minutes is not just something that you do on a whim, it is something you do to move forward before the demons in your head approach. 30 minutes is not a slogan, it is a way of life that says act now! Act now, because you are not sure what tomorrow will bring.

At 30 Minute Businesses you are not promised instant riches. Instead, you are provided with a road map to financial freedom.

30 Minute Businesses Comes With:

* The 30 Minute Businesses Report with 30 different businesses that you can start in 30 minutes
* Step by Step instructions on setting up a business
* 30 Minute Business Planning Guide
* Online and offline businesses
* 30 Minute Business Filter for the best businesses to get started
* Ongoing resources
* BONUS: Sample Marketing Materials ($67 Value)
* BONUS: The Social Media Marketing Plan ($97 Value)

Now here is the kicker! This amazing book used to be sold for $47. We were going to lower the price to $27, but we were convinced for a short time to give it away for only $7. For the next 48 hours we will sell this ebook for only we will be giving this ebook for $7. After that the price will go up.