A fan page is like an online community where you can interact with people who follow you and your products and services. A fan page is similar to your basic account, except you can have more than 5,000 friends and have more tools to use for your own convenience. Here are three ways to use a fan page:

1. Promote.

If you have an idea, a product or something that might interest a lot of people, share it on your fan page. It’s a good way to determine if people would want to invest time or money on what you’re offering. Make sure you interact with your fans. Ask them whether they like the product or not and the reasons behind their answer. This can be a good resource as research so you can easily improve your product. The fan page is also a good piece to use to spread the word of your product to even more users on Facebook.

2. Participate.

On your fan page, you can use a tab for discussions. This is a good way to create a forum among you and your fans. Get your fans to do something. Let them speak their mind on topics you’re interested in finding out from them. You can also get their interest by conducting a contest or a daily exercise.

3. Share.

Anything you share will appear on each of your fans’ newsfeed so share as much information as you can about your product and services. Post a link to a Website, a video you made, etc.

Always remember that a fan page can make or break you and your product so make sure your page has a lot of personality.