Why do they not like me on social media?

I am sure you never felt that way about anyone ever in business especially on social media. You put out a great social media post and then…nothing…kaput! As my Grandma Fran used to say, “What am I chopped liver?”

Fortunately, like grandma you are not. However, if you want to improve your results on social media you need to build up more social media relationships. That takes time.

To guide you on this path I want to impart 3 ways to build those social media relationships in this awesome video with yours truly!

3 Ways to Build Social Media Relationships

I know that was a long video, so here are three lessons I learned on the beach about social media relationships below with some extra comments and wise thoughts.

1. Love people in real life

You will struggle on social media if you do not like people in real life. That is because social media are an extension of how we interact with people in real life. Facebook is just a platform where you can do videos like the one above, but you have to be able to create a bond with people.

It is a transference of skills.

If you want to get really good at social media, start smiling at strangers. Not in a creepy way, but as a way to let them know you think they are good peeps. Help those in need when you can.

One of the best ways that I improved relationships over the past few years was through volunteering. I met some amazing people who taught me how to stay positive and look at life from a different vantage point.

The smiling trinity - முப்பெரும் தேவியர்

2.  Consistency is consistently needed

The biggest challenge is doing something every week. However, you need to create content on a regular basis. It is a challenge, but it is necessary.

The key to everything is to continuously build relationships and create content. Do a little bit every day.

Over time, you will be shocked at how far you went with just a little commitment everyday.

"For me life is continuously being hungry" - Poopie #puppy #picofdog #puppygram #poopie #puppylove #picofday

3. Be different

I think it is awesome that I am different from other social media professionals. That is partly because I am really, really cool!

Additionally, if I am like everyone else I will have some problems. That is because too much of a good thing is not really that great. Be different, so your prospects remember you and your customers come back to you.

One way I do this is to go to a different location and see how it works. The video above at the beach might not be movie grade video. However, the content is good, and the change of pace helped drive over 2,000 views to this video.

Dare to be Different

Final Thoughts on Social Media Relationships

Social media is like any other medium. You connect with people, build trust, and create relationships. The more you can do that over time, the more you can improve your business.

If you want to know what type of social media posts you need to create to forge the type of social media relationships that last use our cheat sheet to give you a head start. It will not provide you with all of the answers, but help you get started.