I had trouble sleeping this weekend. OK! This might be the weirdest start to a blog post on generating leads online, but bear with me for a second and hopefully this will make sense!

On Friday we held our first Google Hangout as part of the new Social Media Community we created on Google Plus.  I feel that Murphy’s Law took over the meeting. Somehow the Hangout was split into two separate meetings, Google Presentations slowed down my computer to the point of me having to exit and then log back in, and then about 40 minutes into the Hangout my internet suddenly died inexplicably.

When I sit up thinking about this over the weekend when I should be sleeping, it is because that just really Grinds My Gears as Peter from Family Guy says.

It Unacceptable!

So, you I came up with a solution.  I am holding a webinar tomorrow, January 8th at noon CST for the following reasons:

  1. For the reasons mentioned above!
  2. Tomorrow is my Birthday! I would rather have an online webinar then do “real” work. Let’s network and learn together instead. In my nerdy world that is a lot more fun and useful for everyone. Just go with me on this, since it is my birthday.
  3. I was going to write a post on driving leads to your business, but that just seemed to monumental for a blog post. Refer back to reason #2 and “real work”.

What is required of you. Well, presents are not allowed, except for your presence! Oh! Look at that! Making funnies all day long tomorrow.

On a serious note if you want to join the webinar tomorrow at noon go to:

3 Systems of Generating Leads Online