Ready for some ole fashioned ways to save time with social networking. Well, you are in luck, because that is exactly what we will be discussing today. Different ways that do not require technology to improve your social networking networking

1. Say No-Sounds funny, but social media speeds up the entire networking process. That means you meet more people , have more meetings, and find more clients. You also meet more people you have to say no to on a regular basis. This might sound weird, but saying no sooner in a conversation is a very good thing for the other person.

Just like in sales, it is not the Yes & No people who kill you, it is the stinking “maybes”! They say, “call in a week.” Then “maybe after the holidays.” “Maybe after our next board meeting?” Maybe, you should not open your mouth and lie to people, you want to tell them. While some “Maybes” turn into clients, a whole bunch more do not.

2. Ask questions. I find it funny when a client wants to meet me every week to discuss every single part of a project. Sometimes they do not even know themselves why they want to meet. It just seems like the next logical step to them. However, if you do not have a purpose in meeting then it is helping no one. Ask ahead of time what someone wants to do. Those who skirt the issue, just want to sell you. Those who have a vague idea that meeting could be helpful can probably sort everything out in an email.

3.  Organize your time with social networking. That way you can quickly go through the actions of doing your social networking quickly. When you know what you are doing you go through things faster. Every morning I wake up and start blogging. The mornings that I know what I am going to talk about mean the blog post will be finished in an hour usually. However, on those days when I do not have a specific topic in mind, it could two-three hours before I settle on a topic for the day.

As you can see, there is not always a need for the latest and greatest gizmos to save time with social networking. A lot of social networking time savings happens with plain, ole fashioned common sense.