Are you looking for three cool tools that can provide a boost to your understanding of search traffic? Then you need to know about these cool tool websites. We have Google Webmasters, Alexa, and SEOMOZ Firefox plugin.

Three Cool Tools

Three Cool Tools In Further Light

So, what exactly are these three cool tools!

1. Google Webmaster is Google’s way of helping webmasters better understand what Google is looking for in a great site. You can use the site to check everything from how the site is crawled by Googlebots to how many search terms people use to find your site to how many backlinks you have on your site. I consider this the real place to look for backlinks, since this is ground zero.

2. Alexa is more than just for search traffic, but it is great at identifying your core audiences in your blog, how your site ranks against competing sites, and also an outside look at what search terms affect your ability to get traffic.

3. SEOMOZ Firefox Plugin- SEOMOZ is a site, however, for the plugin you need to go to Firefox and check out their list of Firefox plugins. This is a cool way to surf the web, use the SEOMOZ toolbar, and make sure that when you place backlinks on sites that they are seo worthy of your time.

While these cool tools are great for helping you increase your search traffic, remember that you need to still make sure that you have a great plan to execute these tools correctly. Otherwise, they are just cool tools and nothing more.