As we enter a new decade, it is important to not only look back at where we have come but also look forward to where we are headed. That is why I rounded up 25 experts to get their thoughts on what the biggest digital marketing trends are for 2020.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Donnie Strompf Good At Marketing

More and more businesses will use BizSwipe to match and connect with other like-minded businesses. BizSwipe is a matchmaking app that makes it easy to find influencers, journalists, and businesses by adding filter parameters, swiping and matching.


Patrick Leonard Brighter Digital

I predict that search engine results will continue to get even more localized. Google My Business is already a huge marketing opportunity for small businesses but I expect more corporations to incorporate local search strategies in 2020 as well.

Phil Strazzulla SelectSoftware Reviews

We’ll start to see the end of intent-based marketing for B2B as consumers of information become savvier about how their cookie data is being used.

intent marketing

Geoff Hoesch Dragonfly Digital Marketing

The biggest change that’s been evolving over the years, especially with SEO, is the need to assimilate with review sites such as Yelp, Avvo, and Trip Advisor.

In 2020, digital marketers will need to develop strategies that use review sites to expand their reach.

Austin Rogers MiniSocial.Io

The most significant change facing content/digital marketers in 2020 is the move away from the overly-polished high production value media in favor of UGC. This change has been a long time coming.

user gnerated content

Alex Kehoe Caveni Digital Solutions, LLC

2020 is the year of the continued dominance of video. Expect Google to modernize and continue to prioritize video content in the same way they have already started to in mobile search results.

Dave Loria Squeaky’s Home Cleaning

VOICE RULES ALL!!: Without a doubt, the biggest change to digital marketing continues to be adjusting for Voice. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant use are continuously rising. When using voice, fewer options are presented, therefore the new name of the game is brand awareness. Alexa order me a cheeseburger needs to be Alexa order me a Big Mac

Ross Kernez

I think the biggest digital change will be an organic voice search because the popularity of voice search and voice input has been growing over the last 6 years.

Despite the fact that in the last year this growth was not at the peak, there is the reason to believe that in 2020 it will remain in the list of main digital trends and will further grow.

Stan Tan Selby’s

Google’s algorithm will continue to be based on E.A.T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthy). Successful SEO strategies will continue to get results if they make decisions and execute based on the EAT methodology.

expertise, authority, and trustworthy

Kyle Douglas Revium

Featured snippets in Google search results will be key. Searchers want quick snapshots of answers so the websites that do this will be rewarded with the high brand recognition and click-through rate they bring, enhanced by their likelihood of appearing for voice search results.

Jason Myers The Content Factory

As businesses struggle with Google algorithm changes chasing SERP position zero — traditional means of optimization like SEO blog content, PR and SMM are no longer enough. We’re prioritizing meaningful backlink building strategies and personalized email newsletter techniques to provide real-world digital marketing solutions that help all clients.

meaningful backlinks

Lewis Keegan Skill Scouter

In 2020, setting yourself as an authority on the subject will be paramount. With recent Google updates, websites will have to focus on a new strategy in SEO which focuses on authority, expertise, and trust.

Laura Apel Giant Media

With increasing privacy regulations across the globe (GDPR in Europe and now the CCPA roll out in CA) one of the biggest changes for the industry will be the need to execute privacy-compliant ad targeting. Contextual targeting of content vs dependency on the tracking cookie is the solution.

privacy-compliant ads

Shane Sams Flipped Lifestyle

The biggest marketing trend for 2020 will be low-priced monthly memberships (especially for online entrepreneurs). There is a reason companies from Disney to WWE are getting into subscriptions. They’re easier to market and sell than high-cost products! If you’re not promoting membership in 2020, you’ll be a step behind!

Shelagh Stoneham

The democratization of digital. Digital will be leveraged by retailers of all sizes and work across departments to help make the shopping experience more compelling and drive smarter operational decisions such as store locations, size of the footprint, merchandising and stock levels.

Democratization of digital

Patrck Walterick Open Space Digital, Inc.

The biggest digital marketing trend for 2020 is personalization. From search results to ads to interactive web content, users will be handed exactly what they were looking for or an ad or content experience tailored directly to them. Both ads and web content will be based on individual user data.

Raj Vardham

We will see an increase in companies using augmented reality (AR) in their digital marketing efforts in 2020. Companies such as IKEA have already implemented AR as a way for their customers to visualize how furniture will look in their house before buying it. AR technology can also be applied in various industries, such as clothing and real estate, as a means of improving the customer’s purchasing experience.

Augmented Reality

Pavel Gertsberg Disciple Media

Brands are tired of fighting with algorithms and plummeting organic reach on social media that prevent customers from seeing their content. 2020 will see more brands investing in branded online communities. Building a community around a business gives customers a sense of belonging. And belonging creates brand loyalty like nothing else.

Dan Rice Talent Locker

Most social media marketers will move away from scheduling tools in favor of unique, quickly consumed, fresh social media content. In 2020 Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram will be much more successful in driving this new content rather than repetitive evergreen shares than in previous years.

Unique Content

Ryan Arrindell Animated Designs

We’re due a big change in the influencer marketing landscape. It’s seen as low cost, high-reach but ultimately poor quality due to many influencers with inflated follower numbers, low audience engagement, and a saturated low effort promotion. Marketers now expect tighter integration between brand, influencer, and audience. We might even see marketers create their own influencers in 2020!

Jessica Rhoades Create IT Web Designs

The biggest trend that I expect to see in 2020 is an increase in online course creation and membership websites. Online Courses and Membership websites are perfect for businesses that have a loyal following of at least 250 people. As more and more businesses grow and expand their offerings, it is a perfect consideration. It’s also a great way to make passive income. As a web designer, I’ve already created a membership website in 2019 and I’m gearing up to create more in 2020.

Paige Arnof-Fenn Mavens & Moguls

Live video will grow in importance. Live streaming is now available on every major social media platform and it is only getting better at hooking users with short attention spans.

In a mobile-first world, you have less time to grab people, attention spans are shorter than ever so the video will be used, even more. A show don¹t tell culture of rich content to drive engagement.

Nathan Thompson Pavilion Broadway

I think the biggest trend from an SEO standpoint that we’re going to see in 2020 is the rise of Google Posts. Taking over from Google Plus, this is a quickfire way for Google My Business admins to promote deals, news, and updates at the click of a button.

Ed Marsh

Programmatic personalization. With contact level™ intent data it’s possible to personalize at scale with messaging built on seniority, function, firmographics, stage in buying journey, problem to solve, the outcome sought, competitor engagements, and more. Now not only is marketing spend focused on active buyers, but it’s contextually relevant and programmatically personalized.

Final Thoughts

As we enter the new year, opportunities continue to grow. Take a look at the digital marketing strategies above and choose one that you feel will best fit your business’s specific needs. Let us know below in the comments below what you want to use.