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I want to spend some time this week on how to generate web traffic for your blog or website. Especially with my new Blog Traffic Mafia product coming out on Wednesday I have been analyzing what really works and what is just simply bogus about generating web traffic. Let’s dive straight into how to generate web traffic.

15 Cool Ways To Generate Web Traffic

  1. Social Networking-Being a social networking blog, I am sure you know that I believe it is a great source of awesomeness! Check out over 150 articles on social networking from Facebook fan pages to Twitter to LinkedIn to the semi-newly minted Google Plus to discover a few gems on driving traffic with social networking. The key here is great content and regular engagement.
  2. Great Content-You need a “Hunk-A, Hunk-A” great content if you are going to generate web traffic. None of this spun crap and halfway blind typing. If you have to close your eyes while writing maybe it should not be published. Spend some time everyday on creating great content. Then edit it and market the your new baby like a proud parent with an overflowing wallet full of pictures.
  3. Forums-So if social networking was about regular engagement then you might be shocked to know that the correct forum in your niche where you can drive traffic is all about content and regular engagement with members of the forum. Develop relationships and the traffic will take care of itself.
  4. SEO- I know we discussed some of the new changes yesterday for SEO, but I just want to remind everyone that traffic from the number one source on the internet is a good thing.

  5. Guest Blog-One of my goals over the next few months is to do more guest blogging. I have been a little bit more active over the past few months, and I feel an additional article a week for guest blogging would just be cool enough to generate web traffic in droves. Plus, it is a great way to display your knowledge to other bloggers readers and connect with other bloggers.
  6. Viral Videos-While I think the term can sometimes be a misnomer there is something definitely cool about getting a lot of traffic from a Youtube video.
  7. Paid Traffic-A lot of the ideas listed above are free. This cool way to generate web traffic is a quicker method, but does involve you taking your wallet out of your pocket. The benefits of doing this are less sleepless nights thinking of Google algorithm changes, faster traffic, and quick measurable results.
  8. Affiliate marketing-One of the ways that I am really enjoying marketing my business of late has been affiliate marketing. Thanks to new sites like JVZoo I am able to market my business using affiliates for free quickly and easily.
  9. Joint Ventures-You do not have to do this all by yourself. Work with others in your field or in mutually beneficial fields to help each other drive traffic. This could be anything from ad swaps to open promotion of each others products (Again see affiliate marketing). Whatever you decide to do, just set up quality joint ventures and see how you can benefit from leverage of not shouldering traffic by yourself.
  10. Tribes-Going along with the idea of join ventures and affiliate marketing is Tribes. I have been a long proponent of tribes on this blog. (See Triberr interview with Saul Fleischman and TSA-Want A Tribe Of Supporters) They still rock and are an amazing breeding ground for amazing connections and additional blog traffic.
  11. Article Marketing-While it may have lost a little bit of luster last year with the Panda updates, I believe that the Penguin updates will help make article marketing and fresh content more influential again. Remember that sites like Ezine Articles are always looking for fresh content (something Google craves more than a whiny kid in a candy store). If you can provide quality content there can be a lot of traffic waiting to come your way.
  12. Press Releases-Have a major event coming up? Put it through the press release sites and watch the power of press release syndication take over. Just make sure that you think like a journalist when you set up your press release.
  13. Be Different-There is a uniform of mass that centers around every topic where the un-creative (Note: Webster Please Add un-creative to your now all online encyclopedia) decide to replicate what others have done before them with no thought to how to differentiate themselves from the pack. This creates a giant mass of nothingness where nothing comes out except bad results. Avoid the mass of nothingness! Show your personality! If you need ideas on personality check out my personal page on Facebook.
  14. Do not do all of these ideas at once. I know have crazy cool these ideas can be. Do not approach them all at once. Choose one or two of your favorites and start there.
  15. Just keep doing it. The only difference between success and failure is that failure stopped about 5 feet short.

As you can see there are a number of ways to generate web traffic for your site. The trick is to find the best method for your needs. Which leads me to ask the question, which way is the best for you to generate web traffic to your site?