I thought I would do a timely piece on 10 things I am grateful for in social networking this year. Just something that makes me say yes, this is an awesome business to be in day in and day out!

  1. I am grateful that Twitter has been such a useful tool in my business. My followers on Twitter were the only people checking out my blog for the first month as I got up and running. Thanks for paying attention, so I did not have to talk to myself (and also continuing to read this blog)!
  2. I am grateful for Facebook for allowing to me to hit 5,000 friends. Those who knew me the longest could not believe I had 1 friend, 5,000 blew them away.
  3. I am grateful for LinkedIn, because they still allow me new connections when I maxed out my Facebook account. No, I do not want to set up a new account on Facebook. I have enough Twitter accounts.
  4. I am grateful for MLMSocial for all of the amazing contacts I have made this year on this dynamic site.
  5. I am grateful for WordPress. The fact that I can do everything I do on WordPress is a testament to the amazing software they have created and those of the innumerable programmers who have blessed the almighty plugin!
  6. I am grateful to everyone person who has done a guest blog on this site. Thanks for your confidence in my blog and your ability to create top-notch quality articles that blow me away!
  7. I am grateful for Youtube, because they provide me the ability to get the word out in a way that visual mind loves.
  8. I am grateful for every client who challenged me to do more in their projects, and needed new ideas. Their patronage inspired me to greater heights, and led me to new avenues of discovery on a regular basis.
  9. I am grateful for everyone on my team. From my business partners to my parents and wife.
  10. I am grateful for you reading this all the way to the end, and enjoying the information I have to share everyday.