Today’s post will take a look at 10 great Facebook campaign landing pages. The idea behind a great Facebook campaign landing tab is to have the right mix of speed and design to instantly encourage the user to take action on the page.  Below are just a sampling of different Facebook campaign landings we thought represented the ideal of what businesses should be using to attract attention to their fan page.

Use these pages as a guide to use on your own page. At the end we included some resources, so you can easily create a quality page.

10 Great Facebook Campaign Landing Examples

The list below is no specific order. We did organize this list a little by type of page.

Coca-Cola (51,443,561 likes)

coca-cola facebook campaign landing

What Made It Pop: I like simplicity. This is really simple. Coca-Cola is not looking for people to just buy a coke from Facebook. Instead, they understand their job is to market the brand. Join the page and listen to free songs by stars like Jason Derulo. Easy!


Disney (38,351,995 likes)

disney facebook campaign landingWhat made it pop: When you have as many brands as Disney how do you decide which one to showcase? You can simply just shove Mickey Mouse down everyone’s throat until they are sick and tired of hearing about it. Or you can create a page where fans of Nemo or Toy Story of Pirates of The Carribean can come together under one roof.


Mercedes-Benz (8,345,205 likes)

Mercedes-benz facebook campaign landing

What made it pop: Most brands use Facebook to talk about themselves. Their page becomes a “Look at ME” party. While Mercedes-Benz created a lot of pages about their product, they also cross promoted with a partner on their page. This is a great use of social media real estate. Do not just talk about yourself. Talk about how you work with partners as you show them off.


HiredMYWay.Com (3,988 likes)

hiredmyway facebook campaign landing

What made it pop: Business is all about delivering value to clients. What better way to do that on Facebook then with a way to answer your clients and prospects questions. did this with style by having fans post questions using Facebook comments. Whenever a fan asks a question the question then goes on their wall for all their friends to see. Talk about great viral marketing strategy.

Pool Supply World (59,222 likes)

pool supply world facebook campaign landing

What made it pop: I like the modern design that says likes us and get a discount on your order. Great way to integrate Facebook with your business.

Earthegy (10,781 likes)

earthegy facebook campaign landing

What made it pop: I like the simple e-commerce integration. What can I say? Nothing sexier than selling online with immediate sales. Social networking nerd roaming free!


Livescribe(123,093 likes)

livescribe facebook campaign landing

What made it pop: Again! Nothing sexier than an e-commerce store on Facebook. Additionally, I like the share and tweet add-ons here to get people to share their cool purchase at the point of sale.


Crafty Mumma’s (16,432 likes)

crafty mumma facebook campaign landing

What made it pop: This is a modified MailChimp form. Simple and crisp. You sign up here and get into the Crafty Mumma’s directory. I love it!


Offliners Academy (228 likes) offliners academy facebook campaign landing

What made it pop: I like the cool design and the ability to get people to sign up for your webinar. Real crisp with a great design. Note: Had a few problems loading this page.


Andy Nathan (Likes: 844)


andy nathan facebook campaign landing

What made it pop: The creator of this page must have been an absolute genius! Oh wait! I am the creator. Correction: He is an absolute genius.

Now, you are overwhelmed and wondering how in the world can I ever create a page like these? Here are a few resources to help you.

Lujure: I use Lujure for all of my Facebook pages. It is easy to use and great for creating pages. I have not done a post on the site recently, but here is an interview I did with founder Nathan Latka.

Wp4fb 2.0: For those who want to create Facebook account from your WordPress page this is a great plugin to help you.

Hostgator: If you decide to use WordPress to create your Facebook campaign landing tabs you will need an SSL certificate. You can get this from Hostgator.


Whew! We have now cover the gamut on Facebook campaign landing strategies and examples. Let me know what is your favorite Facebook campaign landing page?