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Ever feel like if you could just have 1 minute then you could definitely create an amazing social networking strategy. The video below is great example of how to create a starter social networking strategy in just 1 minute every day.

This video is based off the previous blog post that I wrote in November about 25 Social Networking Strategies In 25 Minutes. I thought it would be nice to show time-sensitive entrepreneurs how to effecetively use social networking to increase their business without getting sucked into Facebook or Twitter vortex for hours. That is my job, and I bear it gracefully for you.

For most people, your job has nothing to do with social networking. Instead, take the benefits of social networking in the shortest possible time needed to accomplish your goals.

The ideas below are snippets of what you can do to set everything up for your social networking strategy. Make sure that you do the legwork to get your social networks started by first connecting with quality individuals. Afterwords, everything else becomes that much easier.

Social Networking Strategy In One Minute

I hope you enjoyed this video. Now, I want to know what your favorite Social Networking Strategy is that you can complete in 1 Minute? Give us the juicy details of your social networking strategy in the comment section below!