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Chicago real estate investors

A Realtor® You Can Trust

While I am a licensed realtor, I am first and foremost a real estate investor like you. I know what it is like to sit up at night wondering how you will find the right tenant for your property. That is why I became a Realtor® to help investors feel confident about moving forward.

find the best tenants

Your rental property is only as good as the renter. That is why it is vital to make sure you screen for the best tenants while staying in compliance with Chicago tenant landlord ordinances. As a licensed Realtor, I am focused on making sure I help my clients stay legal and still find great tenants.


leverage Technology

Technology is a vital component of real estate  marketing today. As a digital marketer, I spent 10+ years using marketing automation tools like WordPress, Mailchimp, & HubSpot. Combine that with my MLS access, and you can now find the best tenants and buyers for your properties. 


Market Like Crazy

Most realtors tell you they know how to market. However, they are not Google Ads or HubSpot certified. Most don’t even fully understand everything that goes into quality target market research. If you want a Realtor® who knows how to find the best tenant or buyer for your property, then let’s talk.

Are you a licensed realtor?

As a licensed broker, all leasing, buying, and selling happens through Kale Realty

How long have you been in real estate?

I have been a broker for over 3 years, and have been an investor for almost a decade. Furthermore, I was a mortgage broker for 5 years.

What technology do you use?

As a Realtor®, I have full access to the MLS. Additionally, I have been working with digital marketing and technology companies since 2009. Let us know what technology options you want to automate more of your real estate business. 

What type of broker services do you provide?

As a realtor, I offer full-service brokerage products.

How will you find tenants for your property?

With over a decade of marketing experience, I can promote the property on digital and offline channels such as Facebook, Google, newspapers, and targeted real estate forums. 

Additionally, I have photography, advertising, and website development skills to ensure your property stands out. 

Are you a realtor or consultant?

I work for Kale Realty as a realtor. I do not offer real estate consulting services. My marketing and technology experience is part of my service to you as a realtor.

Do you have property management services?

Yes, I work with Kale Realty to offer full property management services. Let me know what you needs are, and we can come up with a custom plan to help you.

What areas do you service?

We work with investors from as far north as Wilmette down to 95th street in Chicago and as far west as Pulaski. This is a general rule. Let us know where your property is located at before going to the next site.