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I think I might be crazy?

I feel a small possibility of just having taken a long dive off the short end of the pier. I mean realistically, how else can you explain what I am about to tell you in the next few paragraphs. Iit all starts with the words, so many readers have dreaded hearing from my mouth over the years, “I have an idea!”

Wait! Do not leave! Do not be too scared either! Well, at least not that scared. Don’t worry it is all good! It’s ALL Good!

You deserve a break! Look at all the exertion you did and the mental torment you felt just reading the previous two paragraphs.  Agreed! Good!

I  can help you! I want to give you a great deal on your social networking and search engine optimization this week. Like run home to mom to brag how awesome their spawn is good!

We are talking about hundreds of backlinks, tweets, and information all rolled up into one amazing campaign that will save you time and also be the envy of all your friends looking to understand how to use that online marketing idea to prospect for clients GOOD!

Here is what we need to include in this campaign to make sure that you are able to create as much lead generation as possible:

  • 300 backlinks to your site to help Google and your prospects find you. (Retail Price: $150)
  • 100 Facebook Updates/Twitter Tweets written in advance to get you traffic (Retail Price: $75)
  • 1 original Blog Post 300 words or longer to use with the backlinks for targeted prospects to your site.
  • More time to focus on what you love in your business.
  • Increased branding of what your business does through social media.
  • Have a team of experts working to help you.
  • You do not have to be crazy making sure that every detail of your social media and seo campaign is just right!

While the information above is a great start, it is just simply not enough to explain why I have gone absolutely bonkers today! To explain that, I will also throw in these awesome bonuses just to help you understand how to use internet marketing to drive traffic and actually convert that traffic into business.

Bonus #1: 750 Traffic Tips

Are you looking to drive traffic to your website? Need to figure out how to do this? Then these 750 traffic tips go through an exhaustive list of ideas of how to generate traffic. From the fast traffic tips to the traffic tips that will bring long-lasting traffic to your site site. This guide has it all.  (Retail Value: $20)


Bonus #2: 10 Steps To Killer Web Copy             

What is the point of having traffic if you are not able to convert that traffic into business? With 10 Steps To Killer Web Copy you can understand how to use web copy for increase business. This interview details how Alex Mandossian generated over $183 million dollars in revenue for clients over a 12 year period. (Retail Value $20)


Bonus #3: 28 Cent Articles 

This is the only article marketing system out there that shows you how to create articles for pennies on the dollar. This step by step video tutorial shows you exactly what you need to do create quick and easy articles for very little money now.  (Retail Value: $17)


Altogether these services could easily cost $312. However, we are offering them today at a 60% discount off their normal prices.

I generally regain my sanity in cases like this within 2 days, so make sure that you act before then to remove the headaches of social networking and raise the price on this offer forever.  Before that happens here is how you can get started.

“Our company knows the value of social media networking but acknowledge that we can’t do it well on our own. We are so happy to have found Smart at the Start. They really make us feel like we are not neglecting an important part of our marketing. He’s saved us time and money by allowing us to focus on what we do best. Thank you!”

Elizabeth “Lulu” Miranda, Mercury Organizing Professionals

Two thumbs up for Andy Nathan! Andy has opened my eyes to the benefits of social networking. Andy helped me reach out to more professionals on Linkedin, enabling us with a solid increase in business potential.

Marty Perlow, PS Communication Group

Prior to working with Andy, I had a decent sized network on LinkedIn, but with his help, I have grown my list of contacts by nearly 20%. And, while I had an account on Twitter, I had never tweeted and was not getting any benefit. Andy has created an active Twitter account for me and I have added several hundred followers. Jack Quill, Keller Williams

Made This As Simple As 1-2-3

1. You click on the buy button to pay the $123 special offer price

2. You will be re-directed to our download page where you will be able to fill out our social networking success form so we can customize your order.

3. You submit the social networking success form and we take care of the rest.


P.S. Please remember that this offer will go away within 2 days when I remember how much these services are actually worth.

P.P.S. Just keep in mind that these services are here to help you achieve your goals through online marketing faster than you could by yourself. Why? Because you are leveraging all of my experience. There are millions of businesses going online to market their business. Would you like to have an edge over that competition? Then move forward today!

P.P.P.S. In the end, this is an investment into your business. The biggest question you can ask is how much is your investment worth? Is it worth learning about how to find and retain clients? Is it worth it to  not have to do everything yourself?

I Create A Highly Cool Blog Post Almost Everyday

I had a discussion with someone on Skype yesterday about the fact that I create a highly cool blog post everyday(those might be my words). It was interesting, because he made a point of mentioning that a lot of the blogs that do post everyday do not have the same quality of information or end up doing fluff pieces versus blogs that post once a week or once a month which do not always have great content, but generally produce less fluff. While, I am sure that this blog has produced a few fluff pieces in the nearly two years it has been up. We our doing our best to put our fluff elsewhere.

For me it is a ritual to wake up everyday and find something new to talk about on my blog. Sometimes it is in the minutia, but other times it comes from gigantic revelations that I just need to tell someone or I will burst.

A bigger question is how do I actually create the quality information? Well I have my processes and thinkerings. That is what I wanted to share before bursting up today. Please beware these ideas might be too hot to handle! Booyah!

Peek Inside A Highly Cool Blog Post

Now, I will not check out all of these resources everyday. In fact, some of them get left untouched for months, until I come back to them. Either way, I will hit some of them each day in my attempt to understand the understandables and create the creatives that you see on this post.

1. Google- I sometimes just Google key phrases and see what is out there. Next thing I know I am fifteen tabs into Firefox on an expansive search into something I either knew little about and ignored or did not even know existed an hour or so prior.

2. Network-Every conversation, every meeting, every customer is a chance to see what works and what does not in the online world of social networking, seo, and internet marketing. Just keep an eye out for the cool in everyday. Where do you think this blog post came from?

3. Google Keyword Tool-I have an insane amount of search traffic that I have been receiving in the last few months. So much so that my focus is shifting to improving my conversion rate. Anyway, one of the best ways to get great articles is to start doing keyword research. I can generally find between 5-7 keyword generated articles using this approach. Generally if you see a theme week from me, it was because I found some cool keywords to use. Burst in flames! Burst in flames!

4. Social Media and Developer Blogs-This is something that I should have been way more active on earlier in my blogging watch out! another blog post!career, but I am making it a point to go to the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress blogs at least once a week. I will also look to hit Youtubes, Google Webmaster, Google Ads, and other top sites blogs from time to time. Right from the horse’s mouth sort of make sense. Another thing to do for SEO is listen to Matt Cutts either on his blog or through video interviews.

5. Forums-I am active in Warrior Forum, and will sometimes go onto Warrior Forum to peruse what is out there. Some of the internet marketers are doing things that most marketers would not even think of, so it makes me smarter just to hear their ideas and views into pretty much everything internet. Just be careful not to be sucked up into too many conversations.

6. The lab-I mentioned this yesterday in my post about LinkedTube, but it is worth repeating that I am always testing out new ideas. That is how a lot of my best campaigns and packages started. My blog is a great place for me to discuss some of these crazy ideas for new insights.

7. Thoughts I need outed! The fact is my mind is working in a million different directions. Sometimes I just have thoughts that need to be discussed. Plus, I might have  a cool joke or cartoon that I work an entire blog post around. Humor at the center, exactly where it should be.

These are the major ways that I create these highly cool blog posts on a regular basis. For me, during the week it is how I get started and learn about what is going on while I slept. With my blog post finished I know that I have accomplished at least one thing noteworthy for the day, and now I can get even more done.  What are your insights into creating a highly cool blog post everyday?

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Part 2

This is a continuation of the Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Part 1 that we discussed yesterday.  The first half of the Affiliate marketing tutorial was geared at creating a strong foundation for your affiliate marketing business. Today we will be talking more about the strategies you need to actually drive traffic and start converting that traffic. Details right? Details!

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 14 Tips of The Trade

Continuing at Number 8

8. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is crucial to driving traffic to your site. I have discussed SEO countless times on this blog. Just because you are doing affiliate marketing does not mean you should not be optimizing your site for Google. In fact, if anything when you are using a blog to start promoting your affiliate links you need to up the ante. Check out the follow posts that I have written on the subject of SEO: Effective Search Engine Optimization,  Free SEO Keyword Tools That Will Amaze You, and 5 Ways To Quality Backlinks

9. List Building is bigger than you possibly imagined. It is amazing how many people when they sign up for your list for a while and hear what you have to say are interested in your products and services at some point and time. The fact is that the web is not the new frontier that it used to be. People do not go online and get all up in a frenzy, because they are connected to the WWW. Instead, you have to build a relationship. The easiest way to do this is through email.

Having the right email auto-responder is crucial for automating the system. I have been using Aweber for the past 2 years now and it is a dynamic system where I am always finding new and cooler applications for all the time.

10. The right content for the right crowd. Make sure your content is appropriate for who you are writing to in your articles, web content, and emails. You would not use “LOL” or “ROTFLMAO” to a business audience, just as you would not obsess about using words, such as “ROI” and Split A/B Test among teens.  Learn who you are talking to and adjust your style to match theirs.

11. Cloak Your links. The Aweber link above is cloaked. What that means is that you can not pull out the affiliate tracking code that directs people to Aweber. The reason this is important is that some people will do this to spite  your efforts to make money. Therefore, cloaking your link protects you from losing affiliate commissions.

I have been using Pretty Link Lite, however Go Codes was not bad from the brief tests that I did with that software. Please note that these are WordPress plugins. They might be available off WordPress, but my experience with them is completely through WordPress. Do not ask me what they are like off WordPress.

12. Paid Advertising- Some times it pays to advertise for either products or just to build your list for future offers. I am not a huge paid advertising person, but I have had some success with limited advertising. One of my favorite sites for paid advertising is

I once did some Peerfly sales off of 7Search for Google Android that returned a 25% profit margin. They slowed down eventually and it was not scalable, but good for making some quick bucks on the right products. I have found that technology and money making opportunities do best here. Other products have dive bombed so far on the site that they ended up on the other side of the planet.

13. Article Marketing- This ties in with a lot of the other approaches above, but it needs it’s own category for the breadth of different types of article marketing that you can do. Everything from blogging to writing ezines to re-purposing content for your emails marketing is a great way to build your business.

Now, for those who are deathly afraid of article marketing, you are talking to the right person. My recent 28 Cent Articles video course shows you how to outsource articles for only 28 cents per article and a little lifting from yourself.

14. Different Affiliate Programs- That brings us to the close of this Affiliate Marketing Tutorial. Where do you actually go to become an affiliate. Well, I am going to give you a few options to get started. Some of the first sites you might want to take a look at are ShareASale, Peerfly, and Linkshare. These sites have a wide variety of merchants who are

However, for the first five people who take me up on this post before November 1st, 2011 I will be offering a special to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

I have a number of affiliate products that I am launching in the next few weeks. Right now, I have all my affiliate products over at E-junkie, but am in the process of applying for Clickbank, which is another affiliate network.

Here is my offer:

I will help you set up for FREE either a basic wordpress blog or a 3 part email campaign for your affiliate marketing as long as you do one or preferably both of the following:

1. Sign up as an affiliate to market products, such as 28 Cent Articles at the link below:

Join our Affiliate Program!

(Please remember this is for the First 5 People Only)

If you have any questions about this arrangement, please ask them in the comment section below.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoyed this look at part 2 of the affiliate marketing tutorial.

Google Translate: Social Networking

As you are probably wondering right now, “What the heck does Google Translates Social Networking Mean?” Well here is the short version of a pretty shorter story.

As I was sinking into oblivion at a short seminar yesterday on driving traffic to your website I heard the lecturer discuss Google Translate. In all fairness it was after a basic, extremely basic discussion on long tail keywords. I was itching to include a few things he missed, but instead fell asleep.

So back to Google Translate. What he said was, and the reason I am writing this blog, is that if you can not find a word in English he said try it in Spanish. He then interjected that a lot of sites with heavy traffic in English are not as heavy in other languages. While I want to expand past that, my point is that a lot of Spanish and other non-English domain name words and search phrases ripe for a little SEO. The search competition on these keywords is tremendously low.

So, I decided to look at Google Translate as a basic option for keyword research and also reaching out to other markets with my apparently increased language skills.

Google Translate In Action

Google Translate

As you can see Google Translate is pretty simple. I translated a recent blog post of mine, Social Networking Is Free If You Pay In Time, from English to French.

Google Translate English To French

Je voulais parler du plus grand mythe de réseautage social. Que c’est gratuit! Oui, il est certainement gratuit pour ceux qui ont mis le temps dans les réseaux sociaux, mais l’idée de réseaux sociaux étant complètement libre n’est tout simplement pas vrai.

Cela ne veut pas dire que vous ne pouvez pas obtenir un compte gratuit sur Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, et WordPress. Vous pouvez certainement faire cela et plus encore. Il ya beaucoup d’outils de grand là-bas pour vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs pour libre. La seule difficulté est que, à un point que vous aurez besoin d’aller au-delà de la libre circulation pour certaines des choses que vous avez besoin.

Google Translate English To Spanish

Yo quería hablar sobre el mito más grande en las redes sociales. Que es gratis! Sí, definitivamente es gratuita para aquellos que poner el tiempo en las redes sociales, pero la idea de las redes sociales ser completamente libre no es simplemente verdad.

Esto no quiere decir que usted no puede obtener una cuenta gratuita en Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube y WordPress. Definitivamente, usted puede hacer eso y más. Hay un montón de grandes herramientas fuera allí para ayudarle a alcanzar sus metas de forma gratuita. El único problema es que en algún momento tendrá que ir más allá de la libre circulación de algunas de las cosas que usted necesita.

Now, the one thing that everyone is sure to ask. How good are the translations here? The answer is do not know. My one year of High School French does not necessarily make me an expert.

However,Google Translate is an option worth exploring.

It’s Hole Sale Time!

The hole sale is going awesome as we approach the final day!

I wanted to send you a brief reminder that today is your last chance to participate in our Hole Sale and get all of social networking services at 23% off their current prices!

For those of you who might have missed the previous email, here is what happened:

On another note, I actually discovered something that I mixed up in the previous post. I actually do have homeowners insurance. The Hole Sale continues, because the deductible is too high to even make insurance worthwhile.

That means you have until the end of today to get 23% off all social networking services. Here is just a sample of some of the services we are offering at a discount:

In fact when you buy any of my social networking services from Smart At The Start by August 19th at 11:59 I will give you 23% off the current price. Now that is a Hole Sale Deal!

So, now that you are up to date take a look at for great discounts on campaigns.


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