Guru Gushers: ConvertR

Guru Gusher focuses in on CovertR today.  Join us for a tale of daring, courage beyond compare! Or just another internet marketing product worthy of being a Guru Gusher! I feel like a cheerleader everytime I say the word Guru Gusher. Give me A G…

Anywho, Anyways! Below is the video on how to use this software along with Guru Gusher Rankings.

Guru Gusher ConvertR Video


Guru Gusher Converter Rankings

1. quality-this is a really simple piece of software that you can use quickly and easily. If you are looking for high end videos go somewhere else. These are for down and dirty quick videos that you can create over and over.

2. creep/shiver factor-The music is extremely creepy on the videos. Is it too much for them to ask to pirate some Lady Gaga or even Lady Antebellum! Get some better music for the ladies. (Note: Due to the FTC having something real hard, ahem, oh yes, we do not encourage the pirating of anything except for the 17th century Blackbeard, because he had a Black Beard.)

3. capability-It does work, henceforth it is capable. However, I have been having some challenges with Windows Media Player. Not sure if it is Windows or ConvertR.

4. likeability-It is a very basic and functional system. The one downside is that it takes forever for the slides to switch. As you probably noticed in the video above.

5. Does it say what is says it will do-Absolutely! It creates a video out of an article in less than 2 minutes. It does not solve world hunger.

6. support-There have been a number of improvements on this product over the past few months, including updated backgrounds. We have been told that voice overs are supposed to be next.  I do like that we now have somewhat custom backgrounds instead of the boring white that we had when I first bought this.

7. hard upsells-There is an OTO. However, since I bought this product about 6 months ago and did not buy the OTO I have no clue what it is. That is what we call a very hard upsell!

Guru Gushers Ranking: 6 out of 10. I am lowering this for the problems I have had with Windows Media Player and also for the horrible music that they play on the videos. Other than that ConvertR passes Guru Gushers.

If Facebook had existed in history…

There are hundreds of millions of Facebook users nowadays, and for many of us it’s almost impossible to get through the day without visiting the site. But what if FB had existed in the past? Here are four figures from history who would have been interesting members of the social networking fraternity.

King Henry VIII

If Henry VIII had been a Facebook user, the chances are his profile would have been very interesting indeed. Married six times, it’s safe to assume the phrase “it’s complicated” would have appeared there many times. With six different wives and six different mothers-in-law, the unfriendly messages may have been flying across his homepage with great regularity.

Because of his constant mood swings and his hostile attitude towards the Catholic Church, his number of Facebook friends would have been constantly changing, and there are few people who would have remained on good terms with His Royal Highness from the start of his Facebook activity to the end.

Howard Hughes

Although well-known nowadays as nothing more than an obsessive recluse, Howard Hughes was a brilliant businessman and an innovative inventor. Over the years, he would have built up a huge following of friends on Facebook and a timeline that would have included a number of former occupations and workplaces.

However, in later life he started to shut himself away from the world, so his Facebook statuses would have appeared less and less frequently. His former lovers allegedly included Ava Gardner, Bette Davis and Rita Hayworth, so a look through his Facebook photos (assuming he didn’t remove them) may well have been worth a look.

William Shakespeare

Widely considered to be the greatest writer of all time, William Shakespeare would have made an interesting Facebook user. Updates to his status may have included a few too many forsooths and forfends, but they would always have been worth reading. They’d make a pleasant change from the usual banter about whether the Knicks won last night.

The only drawback about Shakespeare being on Facebook is that he might have been tempted to flood his timeline with ads for his plays – he was known as a clever self-publicist. And when April 23rd comes around, be careful when you leave him a happy birthday message, because the great Bard is thought to have died on 52nd birthday.

Al Capone

If you took a look through all the messages on Al Capone’s Facebook page, the chances are there would be no mention of the word Scarface, because he hated the nickname. Anyone who mentioned it would most likely have received a visit from one of the mobster’s henchmen within a day or two.

Given the rather nefarious nature of his business activities, Mr Capone would have revealed very little on his timeline. Where you and I might say “I’m on the subway train to Manhattan to spend a day in the office”, his certainly wouldn’t say “I’m running a truckload of illegal whisky into Chicago tonight”.

David Showell lives in the south of England and is a big fan of Facebook. When he’s not updating his status, he’s working for a USA car rental company.

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