How Not To Podcast By Podcasting

I thought to myself that today is the day to show everyone how not to podcast by actually podcasting. With this podcast we will provide humor to the humorless and educated to the uneducated.

The 5 ways of how not to podcast are as follows:

  1. Never ever, ever, ever ramble on in one long sentence that completely drives people crazy and makes them want to smack upside down the head and wonder why you are continually talking about this topic, because of the fact that this is a podcast where they only hear your voice. So in conclusion do not ramble.
  2. Turn off all cell phones. Ooh, I have a call! Someone likes me!
  3. Make sure that you are in a quiet place where people can hear your voice.
  4. Make sure everything is working properly. Testing is key to a great podcast.
  5. Speak clearly! Refer to the rambling man in point 1 of this post.

Now, the moment we have all been waiting for:

How Not To Podcast By Podcasting

Social Networking Icons

For our weekly jaunt at social networking cartoons, I found some cool social networking icons. That to the true social networking geeks is really cool! Go social networking icons! Below are some free social networking icons from Free Web Icons.

Let The Social Networking Icons Begin

social iconssocial networking icons in the snowsocial networking icons for beakers

social networking icons creatures

social networking icons halloween

Now For  A Little Extra Fun….Going Beyond Social Networking Icons

internet icons

Ok, so I know that I am a social networking nerd, but these social networking icons are pretty darn cool? Right? I know you like the shiny social networking icons!

If you have any social networking icons or cartoons, please let me know, so we can include them in future Toony Tuesday posts!

Twitter Business

Ever wanted to have a Twitter Business? When I say Twitter Business, I mean having a business that receives a lot of traffic and prospects from Twitter?

Twitter is the essence of complexity in 140 characters. That is why most businesses choose not to even use Twitter, let alone have a Twitter business. However, after using Twitter for almost two years (first login was February 5, 2009) I have learned a lot about how to use and how not to use this interesting site. Here are my Top 10 Twitter Business Do’s and Don’ts(Donuts, did someone say donuts):

Twitter Business Is Observed By Everyone

Twitter Business Do’s

  1. Talk about other people beside for yourself. The me train is boring! In the end no one pays attention! Just like the boy who cried wolf, Twitter business owners who do this will find themself alone at the end of the day.
  2. RT other peoples posts, quotes, and information. This goes along with the first Do, but I figured some reinforcement was nice.
  3. You are in a person business. It does not matter what your product is, people buy it. That means treat them like kings and queens on Twitter whenever possible.
  4. Sell the “Sizzle Not The Steak” on Twitter. You have 140 characters. 140 characters! That is it! You will very rarely, if ever sell someone in 140 characters. What you can do is take them to the next level. To your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, event, appointment, Skype, etc.
  5. Be interesting! They might not buy from me, but gosh darn it if I am boring they will not come back to RT, share, comment, or tell their friends about me.
  6. Have a business plan for how you will use Twitter for the next 3,6,9, and 12 months.
  7. Use Twitter Search, Twellow, and WeFollow to find targeted prospects.
  8. Make your prospects laugh or think at least once every 5 tweets. The more you engage them the more they will be interested in conversating with you.
  9. Twitter is not just for your prospecting efforts. It also helps you with customer service, market research, help current clients, and staying connected with a team.
  10. Listen to people. Remember, everyone gets caught up in putting out the right tweets, reply, and retweet. How many are caught up in listening to their clients, prospects, and partners?

Twitter Business Don’ts

  1. Do not have everything automated! The idea that a constant stream of automated tweets will make you rich is probably a fallacy. It is definitely not something you leave on autopilot. Man the machine!
  2. Do not put Twitter in a seperate category of marketing. Integrate it with your other social networks, and marketing strategy in general.
  3. Why so serious? Joker lines aside, do not pretend to be all stuffy and business like on Twitter. Be yourself! Ok, be a fun side of yourself!
  4. I went to the brush my teeth! Good news everyone! I had cereal for breakfast today! Oh cool, this is the exact person I want to follow!
  5. Do not unfollow people who follow you for no reason. Twitter has done a good job of eliminating these people from Twitter, but from time to time they still appear. If you have no reason to unfollow someone then do not!
  6. Do not bash people (unless of course they really deserve it)! I do not remember the account name, but I remember when I first got on Twitter there was an account that solely devoted to bashing a large insurance company. After a while, I just unfollowed her, because there was nothing useful about connecting with there was nothing useful about the account.
  7. Do not stalk your competitors and think you can gain an upper hand on them. Yes, Twitter is a great source for finding out more information about how to use this service. Do not just go out and mimic your competitors.
  8. Do not expect to get business your first, second, thirtieth, or even ninetieth day on Twitter. Instead, look it this as a long term revenue generator.
  9. Do the same thing as everyone else! Be different!
  10. Don’t just go into Twitter like a cowboy shooting tweets right and left expecting to bowl everyone over with your intensity. Instead, be consistent in your efforts to build your business on Twitter.

Twitter Business Ready

So not that you have Twitter Business Do and Don’t what you are waiting for? You are Twitter Business Ready! Your next step to build your Twitter business is to actually go out and use these ideas!

Lujure Fan Pages Changing the Face of Facebook FBML

For those of you who have been using Facebook Fan Pages in the past, you understand the challenges of creating an excellent custom Facebook FBML page. Facebook FBML pages have previously been the outlet of web designers, since you needed to know html coding and graphics to create the custom pages that make these mini-websites inside of Facebook work.

That has now changed with the Lujure Assembly Line, which allows every business owner to create Drag and Drop Custom Fan Pages without knowing coding or spending hours designing just the right page. You can now easily create a page in minutes, which used to take hours or finding halfway solutions.

For business owners looking to brand themselves, this is the perfect option to combine your social networking presence from different networks, along with providing your new and current fans a better idea of who you are, and what makes your brand so unique and amazing.

Facebook FBML Example

"FBML Page"

The example above comes from my Andrew Nathan Facebook fan page. As you can see, I have incorporated different parts of my social networking in order to accurately brand myself. You can see everything here from my Tweets to my email marketing capture forms. Where else can you have 500 million people discover more about your business with all of the great marketing tools at your disposal?

Lujure has made it possible for me to actually set up these custom pages, and I want to make sure that you have the option to do the same. So, I will give you the option of two incredible offers to help you more effectively use this service:

1. For $27/month you can set up your own Facebook FBML page through Lujure (Note: I am an affiliate). Click on the link below to move forward with this offer.

2. For $100/year I will set up and maintain your Facebook FBML page, plus for only $19/month you receive the Aweber email marketing software to help you keep in touch with your clients through email campaigns (Package Deal). Now, one final item to help make this more worthwhile! Assuming the Chicago Bears win today (which they will), then you get a $25 discount of the yearly Facebook FBML page. Email me at andy AT to move forward with this offer.

Social Networking Schmoozer 1 Year Anniversary

[viral-downloader align="left" configuration="3330" facebook_message="Share on Facebook And Receive 10 Things Not To Do On Facebook"]

Hard to believe, but today marks the 1 year anniversary of me starting the Social Networking Schmoozer blog. Kind of weird to think about the fact that only 1 year ago, I was wondering if I could commit to blogging. The idea that of writing one article per day every day for an entire year was beyond comprehension.

When I first learned about WordPress it took me a month to understand just how to set up the self-hosted account through GoDaddy. Now, I can set up blogs in 2 minutes.

It has been quite the road. In fact, 1 year ago this blog was not even called the Social Networking Schmoozer. Instead, it was called Twitter Goal. My goal to reach 10 million fans on Twitter.

With all that has happened in the last year, I took a quick look at what has made this blog successful over the previous year. Here are the numbers that I was looking at to learn more about what I have done, and what I can do better:

  • 7,278 views on this blog in the past year.
  • Readers from 103 countries
  • 293 Blog Posts
  • 29.98% of  traffic was from Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • 27.65% of traffic was from Social Networking
  • 8.28% of traffic was from RSS Feeds
  • 34.09% of traffic came from partner sites or direct traffic from my offline networking
  • 424 Fans on My Fan Page
  • 93 People subscribing to my feed as of today

My top three posts for the last year were:

Sample Thank You Letter For Social Networking

Social Networking Statistics

Social Media Trends 2011

To me this just means that there is so much opportunity when you use social networking. The first three months that I was blogging, felt like I should just talk to a wall instead. The other thing that amazes me is that for first six months of blogging I did not even appreciate the idea of SEO.

While I was out blogging everyday to show people how to use social networking more effectively for their business, I learned more about how to do it correctly for mine. Sifting through article after article, and video upon video showed me what steps I needed to do from the smallest things, such as putting a captcha on comments to prevent spammers to finally figuring out how to back up my blog safely(had a few issues).  I also know the numbers above will pale in comparison to what I will do in 2011, because I spent a year learning how to use blogging as tool, now I can start earning even more from it!

Additionally, I would like to help you benefit from my social networking experience over the past with my free 10 Things Not To Do On Facebook guide. Post a comment below about how social networking has helped your business, and I will email you this free guide!

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has tweeted, commented, read, subscribed, and liked my blog over the past year! It makes it a lot more fun when you have people who actually read what you write on a daily basis. Thanks for reading the Social Networking Schmoozer, and looking forward to making the second year that much better!

Social Networking Power Profiles: Marla Barch

Social Networking Profile Questionnaire"Marla Barch Social Networking Power Profiles"

Name: Marla Barch, Senior Mortgage Planner

Company: Pacor Mortgage

Industry: Residential Mortgage Lending

Marketing: Referral based and social media

Time In Business: 7 years


E-mail Address:

Phone Number: 773.617.2424

Brief Bio: I help REALTORS grow their business by providing niche mortgage programs and marketing techniques to attract more home buyers. I help HOME BUYERS qualify for the best programs and interest rates through education, wisdom, and creativity. I help HOMEOWNERS ensure their current mortgage best matches their long and short term financial goals.

When did you start using social networking? 2 years ago for Facebook; 7 years ago for Yahoo Groups and

How did you get started learning about social networking platforms? I learned about the benefits of Facebook for business growth in a training seminar. My early social networking use of Yahoo Groups and to generate business leads was purely self-taught.

Did you attend in-person events, classes, or webinars to learn more?  After that first ½ hour long training program, I learned about it by experimenting, reading articles from experts, and sharing ideas with others.

What is your favorite social networking site for business? Why? Facebook. Mostly because it’s easiest to use and therefore attracts a wider audience of users. And secondarily because I’ve spent the most time building my network on Facebook.

How do you use social networking for your business? Primarily, I use it to build relationships with new referral partners, such as realtors; to build my reputation as an expert; and to educate everyone on new programs, changing guidelines, and other important information that affects home buyers and homeowners.

How has it changed your business?  It allows me to convert cold leads to warm leads. A potential referral partner is more willing to accept me as a Facebook friend than invite me to their office for a meeting. Via Facebook, I can take all the time necessary to build that relationship via “liking” their statuses, adding valuable commentary on their industry-related links, and posting my own links and comments that add value to their business. At that point, they are much more likely to invite me to their office to discuss doing business together.

What was your biggest mistake in social networking? In the beginning, I definitely turned some people off by talking about business too often and in a “sales-y” style. I had to learn to mix updates on business and pleasure and to discuss business in a non-aggressive, story-telling, casual way that didn’t make people feel like a sales target.

What would you tell people starting out in social networking to focus on?  Identify your target market and begin befriending those people. One way to find those people is to join common-interest groups. Also, categorize your friends from the beginning so you can send targeted messages.

Do you have a specific strategy that you use to be more effective when using social networking? Social networking is not that different from non-cyber networking. The most important thing is to be likeable. People do business with people they like. And secondarily, follow up is always crucial. If someone shows interest in something you’ve put out there, send them a personal message, chat them, or even call them on the phone.

What direction do you see social networking going in the future?  I see continued growth and new powerful ways to communicate that we can’t even yet imagine.

BlogPulse Site Review

Do you find it difficult to stay on top of all the different and popular blogs on the Internet? If you do, you will like blogpulse, the search engine for blogs. If you have ever used one of the search engines like Google or Bing, you know that it can be difficult to find what you are looking for quickly. Maps are sometimes displayed, as are images, shopping results, and outdated websites. BlogPulse is different because it gets rid of all that extra stuff. You will be able to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

BlogPulse currently has more than 150,000,000 blogs indexed, and each day thousands are added. The top news items are all displayed in an easy to read format, showing things like the top links, key people that are buzzworthy, the top videos, the top blog posts, the top blogs, the top news stories, the top news sources, and the top key phrases. Each category has its own RSS feed, so you can make it even easier to track the things that you are most interested in. If you have ever wondered how some people always seem to know what is going on in the world, blogpulse is it.

The real benefit to blogpulse, though, is its ability to search the blogosphere. You can do a basic search to find anything related to a topic, URL, or keyword, or you can do an advanced search. You can perform a search based on certain trends, such as how often blogs have talked about things like digitial cameras in the past month, and you can see which blogs are linking to a certain site. BlogPulse even has a feature that will allow you to determine how many blogs are talking about a certain event with keywords and a link in their conversation tracker.

So if you want to be able to easily navigate the blogosphere without having to worry about all the rest of the noise on the Internet, then blogpulse is the answer. You will always know what bloggers are talking about, and you’ll probably find quite a few more interesting blogs to frequent.

Guess These Social Media Icons

Today, instead of the cartoon I thought it would be fun to play a little social media trivia. Below are a number of different social media icons. Your challenge is to guess what social media icon matches up with each social media site. For example the icon listed below is:

"facebook button"

I hope you guessed Facebook.

The prize goes to the first person who guesses every network correctly in the comment section below. The prize is the podcast Social Networking On Your Terms. This podcast by Lisa Blacker and myself is a terrific way to understand how to use social media to help your business. That way, you get to hear my thoughts on social media throughout the day (believe me, that is a prize in and of itself). Put your answers in the comment section, and I will announce the winner in the comment section.

Social Media Icons

Happy Guessing!

Post in the comments below what you believe are the correct social media icons.