All My Readers Have Multiple Intelligences

Are you intelligent? Wait, that was an easy question. You are reading my blog, so of course you are intelligent. Better question, do you have multiple intelligences? Not sure!

Let me ask you another question, what type of intelligence do you have? How do you use that intelligence to connect with your readers.

As a former teacher, I realized that I have an advantage over most bloggers. Most bloggers have fancy business and tech degrees. Mine is in education. I have a masters in education, and three years of teaching experience.

Why does this matter?

As a teacher one of the primary tools you use on a daily basis are multiple intelligences. The seminal book on the topic by Howard Gardner has been a guiding principle in my quest to bring the best information to small business owners for the past few years.

Therefore, I am about to let you into a small secret that can help you understand exactly how small business owners can respond to your content marketing efforts.

It all starts with the learning pyramid that I studies as a graduate student. It explained to me, why after years of lectures I was not the best student in the class. Most classes in middle school, high school, and college use a lecture format.

If we are lucky, a dusty chalkboard, twenty year old textbook, slide project image, or a boring PowerPoint overloaded with text supplement this hour of tedious droning.

Not that it was all bad, but two years after I left the University of Wisconsin-Madison I could not tell you the name of any professor I had in four years of school.

However, while writing this I still remember the professor who taught me about Multiple Intelligences almost fifteen years ago.

It is time you learned how to use multiple intelligences to improve your digital marketing.

multiple intelligences national training laboratories learning pyramid

Multiple Intelligences in Digital Marketing

1. Musical Intelligence

While this is not applicable to every industry, imagine how awesome it would be if you sung in perfect pitch to demonstrate principles of genetic disposition.

Or perhaps you want to write a blog post that turns the boring into something singularly sensational.  You can create a ditty that is witty. He! He! He!

Music Intelligence Example: One of the best digital marketing examples of using music is Eric Thomas. He is know as the Hip Hop Preacher. Here is a perfect example of how he uses music videos on YouTube to inspire.

2. Visual–spatial intelligence

Do infographics make your eyes sing with delight? Do you hear people talk and not understand a word they say until you see what they were talking about in the first place?

Then you have a visual-spatial intelligence. Fear not, most people around the world need visual cues. That is why street signs have visual shapes and street lights use red, yellow, and green to differentiate what you should do on the road.

A boring stop sign would just not do.

That is why you probably learn best from videos and surfing Pinterest and Instagram all day long.

Visual Intelligence Example: When you have the ability to showcase the world, it is not surprising that you have some amazing photos. That is why it is easy to show how National Geographics is a great example of a visual-spatial intelligence.


3. Verbal–linguistic intelligence

Do you like to talk? Maybe you enjoy talking a lot. Well, that just might be your intelligence. You could be the super hero of talkers.

Faster than a speeding bullet! More things to say than Wikipedia! Never a response missed!

You my verbose friend, have a gift for gab. Use this intelligence wisely, because talking requires something that most verbal people forget: listening.

I know, because it took me a long time to listen to what others have to say. As the famous saying goes, you have two ears and one mouth. Use accordingly!

Verbal intelligence example-  A great verbal example is podcasts. You have people talking usually between 5 minute up to an hour. Podcasts like those from StartUp Podcast is a great verbal way to communicate your message.

4. Logical–mathematical

Real quick what is the square root of 7,056?

Did you need a calculator to figure it out? Perhaps you just turned on the old noggin and spewed out an answer. Either way, welcome to the logical intelligence.

You know that know-it-all who just has to make sense on top of everything else. I mean what gives! Who gave them the right to bring a logical argument to the table. Oh! That’s right! They have a logical mind.

If you go by the philosophy of “Live Long and Prosper,” you might be a logical person.

Logical-Mathematical Examples- How many statistics do you see on the internet? Just a random search for marketing statistics brought up the following articles: 2016 State of Marketing- 55 Important Business Findings, Top 10 Digital Marketing Statistics of the Week, and 12 Statistics Why Your Legal Firm Should Be Using Video Marketing.

While most experts agree that the vast majority of buyers still use emotion to fund their purchases, they need a logical reason to do so. Statistics like these posts are the fuel to your potential clients sales.

5. Bodily–kinesthetic intelligence 

Are you athletic? Do you have that unexplained need to move around all day?

I do not know about you, but I personally work better after I workout in the morning. Sometimes when I want to work, I walk over to a local coffee shop or the library. The walk itself invigorates me, and allows me to focus on the work at hand.

If your intelligence is bodily-kinesthetic, you might want to clap your hands together as your read my article. One as a long distance applause for my intelligence. Second, moving while you read might help activate different parts of your body as you read this article.

Kinesthetic Example- My cousin Stephanie does a great job with using video to showcase her Yoga skills. She does remote teaching. Here is a recent video she posted showing her Yoga moves.

6. Interpersonal intelligence

Do you really, really, really like to talk to others? Are you always meeting people. Learning more about their stories? Then you are probably an interpersonal person.

Interpersonal people are really good at connecting with others. They are the ones with a hundred friends. All of them seem to be besties. You know the type. Never to eat alone. Always walking around with a gaggle of friends and calendar full of events.

On a digital marketing level, you probably feel right at home on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.

After all, you can communicate with others. What could be better than sharing your vision on the ultimate interpersonal mediums?

Interpersonal example- Ryan Biddulph is the master at blog commenting. He consistently posts comments on a wide array of bloggers posts. These are not your simple Great post dude variety. He writes paragraph long responses.

Communicating with others online does not necessarily mean you just have to talk their head off. Instead, be a great communicator who cares about others. That is what Ryan does with his blog comments.

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7. Intrapersonal intelligence

Are you an expert on yourself? Do you know exactly who you are and why do the things you do in life? Then you have a strong intrapersonal intelligence.

Intrapersonal Examples- What makes people more introspective than parenthood? That is probably one of the most profitable niches on the internet today are the mommy blogs. An army of strong, independent mothers recounting their story for review and perspective.

Take Not Your Average Mom below. Your mother of 7 with stories that make a mother think.

not your average mom

8. Naturalistic intelligence

Do you have a oneness with the nature?

A great way to share this is through recording your time in nature. Create videos and photos of the time you spent enjoying nature.

Naturalistic Example- One of my favorite sources for images is Unsplash.  They are part of a web development company that does projects for some of the largest tech companies in the world.

However, they market themselves through an email that goes out 3 times per month. The email contains 10 quality images donated by photographers around the world. Many of the images are scenes of nature. This way, it is easy to give a creative commons license to the image, so anyone can use it.

Thousands of bloggers, developers, graphic designers, and digital marketers use these images on a regular basis. Perfect way to market to your niche without being obnoxious.

unsplash nature- a multiple intelligences

Unsplash Nature Image

9. Existential intelligence

Are you always pondering the meaning of life? Looking up at those twinkling lights in the cool mid-evening air wondering who else is up there? Then you my friend have an amazing capacity to existential thinking.

Your intelligence is a useful one, and can be a tremendous asset to marketing your business.

Existential Examples- Out in Itasca, Solberg Manufacturing is getting a bit existential. This custom filtering machine silencing factory is working on reducing emissions at their plant by 25% before 2018. While the site is a bit text-heavy, they have a lofty goal that they share throughout their site.

The fact is that they are looking outside of their own needs to the world at large.

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Multiple Intelligences Final Thoughts

There you go, now you can count all the ways you the multiple intelligences you can use to market your own business. Keep in mind one thing. You do not need to use every intelligence in your own marketing. Just use the ones that fit your audience and your style best.

By matching multiple intelligences with the right marketing mix, you can create a killer combo that can generate huge interest in your business.

Let us know below in the comments what you think is the best intelligence for marketing your business.

Digital Marketing Mobile Musings Episode 1: Growth Hacks

Do you ever find yourself in your car musing about different growth hacks for your business? Well, recently I found myself in that position.

It made me realize that I could utilize my time more effectively even when driving. After all, I like most normal digital marketers have conversations with myself while driving about how to improve their marketing efforts. I am sure that is what 94.3%  of the American population does while driving. Or not!

However, I did something different. I used this time. Instead of talking to myself in the car, I started recording my thoughts. Henceforth Digital Marketing Mobile Musings was born. (you may applaud now…or just share this post!)

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This is the first Digital Marketing Mobile Musings podcast, along with an edited transcript. Enjoy, and please leave a comment below letting me know what you think of the idea or any questions you have.

Digital Marketing Mobile Musings Growth Hacks transcript

growth hacksWhat do you when you are in your car? Do you sit and listen to the radio or a podcast? Or better yet, follow my route and create your own.

Before we get any farther, I just want to say fear not! My phone is sitting down as I drive.

In these podcasts, I am just going to talk and muse like you are in the car right next to me. Plus, I am going to do my best to keep these short. These are musings after all. Not ramblings.

Tell me what you think in the comments below or on a review on iTunes. Obviously I will not be answering anything while I am driving, because that would be stupid.

The first mobile musing topic includes ways to be smarter with your time. I am thinking about this naturally, because I am driving around in my car. That could be a tremendous waste of time to do things for my business.

After all, I come up with some great ideas when I am driving around and exploring the world at… Click To Tweet

I like to think about how to be creative. This is a little growth hack that I can use to grow my business and benefit my readers.

Then I can put out more awesome content. After all, I come up with some great ideas when I am driving around and exploring the world at large.

Therefore, this is the musing for today. Use your time wisely. Especially with digital marketing where there is so much stuff to do sometimes. Being able to drive and help them with your story and information while you talk is great.

Final Thoughts

Growth hacks do not have to be crazy ideas. Instead, they can be as simple as a short 5-10 podcast you record in your car. The key here is that they help you hack around the normal growth strategies that take much longer to grow your business.

Therefore, get prepared for more podcasts as I continue to drive my car. It is a great time for digital marketing and musing. Henceforth, the perfect time to help website visitors get more out of this blog.

Let me know some of your growth hacks in the comment section below.

Do you know who I am

authority on himselfI don’t want to disappoint you here, but when your blogger outreach almost seems like you are the master of the universe then something is very wrong.

Over the past few years, blogging has very much transitioned from bloggers writing in silos on their own site to blogger outreach.

While the benefits of this are tremendous, it also adds a few hiccups to the story.

In my recent post on Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Avoid, Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends said it best.

Dumb strategy: Trying to convince sites they need your content instead of persuading them how much value you bring them as a guest contributor

I was thinking about what Anita said, and I wanted to extrapolate on that on how to do blogger outreach correctly.

Since we live in an ultra-competitive blogging environment. Most bloggers do not struggle as much with creating content, but promoting it afterwards. This can lead to some tense situations, because in their drive to get everyone to share their blog post they often think about the other person.

However, if we do not spend our time focusing on how to better our fellow bloggers then we are not doing them and ourselves a disservice. It leads back to the title of the post, do you know who I am. 

In most cases, if you have to reach out to me directly to ask me to share your information then NO I have no clue who you are. My apologies in advance, but you were probably not even a blip on my radar.

Furthermore, if you  continue to dishonor me then I disown you! Face my wrath and get tossed asunder faster than an expired, rank milk jug.

So, to avoid this little skirmish in the first place let’s talk about how we can honor the people you want to reach.

5 ways to honor your blogger outreach efforts

1. Be respectful – when you want to ask someone a favor do not forget to say thank you and please.

In the recent Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Avoid roundup post, I was extremely grateful for all of the amazing insights that I got from amazing people like Carol Tice, Mark Schroeder, David Leonhardt, and many others.

when you want to ask someone a favor do not forget to say thank you and please. Click To Tweet

When I asked them, I did so in a respectful manner. Plus, I thanked them for their contribution. Like Dale Carnegie stated years ago, “you can win more bees with honey than vinegar.”

2. Build long-term relationships – you hear this all the time. However , too often bloggers give this lip service.

If you want to get ahead with blogger outreach, I strongly encourage you to start practicing the art of relationship building.

One way I did it is through Skype groups. They might not be as popular as they were back in 2012, but they still hold a near and dear place in my business.

For example, going back to Anita Campbell. I wrote how Volunteering Sharpens Your Entrepreneurial Skills on Small Business Trends last month. However, I met her first through Gail Gardner. Who incidentally I know through Skype. Small world huh!

Another way to do that would be to reach out to people through Facebook or LinkedIn messages. Take the message that I received from Christine Hueber.

Instead of reaching out to me for some marketing help, she reached out to ask how she could refer people in her network to me. Isn’t that cool! An email that does not sell or pitch me anything. It just offers to help me.

How many of those emails do you get on a regular basis?

Christine Hueber Email Screenshot

3. Bring value- Another lesson from Christine is your job is not to merely ask for favors. It is okay to get help, but you also should look to help others as well!

The more value you bring to the table, the more influencers you convince to work with you.

Here are some questions to help you get started.

  • Is your content beyond awesome?
  • Do you share other bloggers content on social media and/or to your email list?
  • Do you respond to their blog comments? Or better yet, comment on their site.
  • How often do you promote their launches?
  • When was the last time you referred someone to another blogger?

4. Read their content first- If you really want to be respectful, you need to read the blog you want to write for first. Let me take that back. Do not just read their content, but also interact with the content. That means you should comment and share the posts on the blog you want to write for first.

I had the chance to read her content first, along with a lot of her regular contributors.

Additionally, if the blog has guidelines read those as well. That is what they are there for in the first place. Now, I know that some blogs hide their guidelines like some secretive club. If you miss the guidelines listed in the drop down menu page of the about sub-link that is one thing.

Ask Questions 3d buttonHowever, most sites make it abundantly clear what they want. Do not mess with that.
5. Ask questions-
If you assume you know everything, then you will probably end up knowing less than nothing.

That is why it is vital to ask questions. Even the sarcastic title of this blog post is a question.

It is a subtle reminder that the questions we ask others help to define the relationship with each other.

Final Thoughts

You are ready to start doing your own blogger outreach. so make sure that you do it right. Treat the people you want to work with respect. That means not only being nice to them, but also being a blogger of value.

If you can do that, then more of your conversations go from a tone of do you know who I am to thanks for helping again!

Let us know your thoughts about this article in the comment section below. Do you have any additional tips? Maybe you have some questions. Either way, let us know. Thanks!

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