Blog Presentation at WordCamp St. Louis

I just spoke at WordCamp St. Louis on 7 Scientifically Proven Steps To Engage Your Blog Readers. As usual, it was a smashing success. Of course, I say that with a modicum of modesty.

Here is a quick review of the talk, along with the some extras that I gave to my audience. The key here is to juggle and juggle often! Well, that is not the only key. However, I always like to mix in juggling and blog discussions. Read More→

How to Find Your Distinct Business Voice

Every experienced blogger has a business voice. A unique set of skills, experiences, and writing style they use to help their audience get the most out of their content. The challenge is that many of them do not know how to express their differences on the web. Instead, they aim to blend in, and not bring their excellence to their prospective clients.

That is a crying shame, because this is a vital component of writing content in today’s ultra-competitive landscape.

The problem is that most bloggers do not even know if they are going to keep on writing when they timidly write their first blog post. With all of the other demands, they are not ready to develop their voice.

Instead, they just want to appear intelligent to those who read their content. The problem is talking like everyone makes you sound like a whinny Read More→

Mobile Musings: Build Your Soaring Digital Marketing Skyscraper

It is a beautiful spring day in Chicago and I am admiring all of the cool Chicago skyscrapers. Not surprisingly this idea leads me to think about digital marketing.

Yup! I am a digital marketing nerd! That is correct! I see skyscrapers and think about the cool things people can do with their digital marketing efforts.

That is because digital marketing Read More→