Guest Blog Writers

I love posting this blog, but I realized recently that I want to get other viewpoints in addition to my own. Therefore, I am reaching out to my readers to any guest blog writers to find out what they would like to write about for a guest blog post.

Most topical, well-written blog posts are accepted asĀ  long as you follow the guidelines below. With that in mind, do not ask me if I want a topic. Check out the blog (use the categories section to search what I have discussed recently, and then created useful content) Do not ask me if you can blog on this site. I would not have this page up if I was not looking guest writers. The guidelines are below and updated. Read and submit your post.

For the bloggers who want to do this I can offer the following exposure:

1. I will tweet it out to my 68,000 followers on Twitter @andynathan, plus on my business Twitter account @smartatthestart which has over 30,000 followers.

2. I will share it on Facebook with my 4,000 Friends and my 1200 fans as well!

3. I will also share it to my 15,000 connections on Google+

4. Finally, I will share it to my 4,000 connections on LinkedIn.

5. You can include a brief bio about your company and include 1 link directing visitors to your site. For regular bloggers (A minimum of 5 blog posts in the past 6 months for 2 backlinks per post).

The topic is open as long as it relates to social networking, blogging, or digital marketing. I generally look to do an angle that relates to business, but would be open to ideas. For those that are interested, email me at andy At andynathan Dot net.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

1. 900 words of rocking content! We are not a trash collector, so please do not send garbage content.

2. Must be original content (no re-purposed PLR, because I do run Copyscape)

3. Professional (no cursing, lewd language, etc) Note: Humorous is awesome!

4. Take a different slant than myself.

5. This is a social networking blog, so please Retweet, Share, and Stumble this post.

6. Use spell check. Plus, good grammar is appreciated.

7. Use basic SEO on-page optimization for your posts. If you do not, I might make changes for better optimization. (Reference: SEO Tips)

8. I favor posts that have a creative commons photo in them.

9. Answer any comments.


Other than that, go nuts! Not literally, but with the blog post.