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The Benefits of Using Online Video Ads

Transcript of Online Video Ads

Why Use Online Video Ads?

Video is perhaps the most engaging and persuasive media in the world today. The uses of traditional television ads to interact with customers has long been celebrated, but it is the use of video ads on the web that is making huge waves for online marketers.

So what exactly are the benefits of using online video in advertising?

On-Demand Ads

On Demand online video advertising is a great way of reaching huge online audiences whilst associating your video with popular, quality programming. There’s much debate over the efficiency of pre-roll ad placements vs ads situated at intervals during programming that mirror traditional television, but the results are largely the same –  advertisers are enjoying a boost to their a social profiles, website visits and because they can target their ads at appropriate audiences of specific online programming they are receiving far more quality leads and conversions.

Social Media Video Placement

No online video ad placement gives a higher social return than promoting a video post on Facebook, Twitter and on video sharing sites like YouTube and here’s why – users on social media platforms are in a social frame of mind, socially interacting and engaging with other users and content like videos.

These interactions give posts a social recommendation making them more enticing and clickable to other users who see such posts. So whether you’re trying to improve video views, your social reach or ecommerce goals, the social recommendations and interactions your posts will receive from users and their Friends will spread your promoted video posts further afield, creating even more engagement and success.

YouTube TrueView Ads

YouTube’s TrueView offers a great opportunity for paid video advertising because YouTube as a website, is socially orientated. This means that its users may be far more likely to click through to your website or share your video content and in turn generate more traffic and conversions for your site, than perhaps the viewers watching your video through On-Demand television channels.  This gives your YouTube TrueView ads a more organic and gentler advertising feel to them, which will have a truly positive impact on the success of your online video ad,

Banner Ads
Many of you will be familiar with the banner ads that appear alongside webpages and blogs. Traditionally these ads are quite bland and static. However, by using a .gif file you can turn a simple banner ad into a short video or animation or take a different approach by creating a pop-out player to display your video on sites when users hover over your ad.

These ads can provide fast, clickable links to your website and key landing pages to boost traffic levels and encourage quick and simple conversions on your site.

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing takes a similar approach to those Banner Ads, but rather than boost unique visitors it aims to increase the number of previous visitors to ensure they don’t forget about you and make that all important sale in future.

By using video in the same way as you did with your banner ads you can use Google Remarketing to jog their memory and achieve a re-visit or even remind a user to tell a friend, colleague or their social followers to visit your site as well.

Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based corporate video production company.

Your Video Presence

If you are a business trying to get noticed on the web, don’t overlook your video presence. Some of us who have a vested interest in this trend believe that the Internet is transitioning into a video medium. It just makes sense. At the time of this writing youtube has posted on their site that over 72 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute. If my math is correct over 96,000 hours every day. So it would take you over a month just to watch the video that has been uploaded today. Okay, no matter how you cut it that’s a load of video.

My feeling is that the video revolution is akin to the Internet revolution itself. A few short years ago everyone was clamoring to get a website and be on the web. Now every one of those websites needs a video because it is much easier to show and tell someone in a minute or less what your website is all about. After viewing your video your visitor can tell quickly and easily what your company has to offer and whether they want to stay and learn more.

Timing is the key. When producing your intro video be sure to respect your visitor’s time. If they see your video is short they are more likely to click on it. Get to the point. The goal of the intro video is to get them interested in you or your product or service. This is not the time to hard sell. This is an opportunity to build a relationship, give your visitors confidence that they are in the right place, and encourage them to want to know more from you. Later when you are explaining a process or feature you can take all the time you need.

This brings us to the value of multiple videos. In spite of the fact that Youtube seems to be encouraging longer videos as a tactic to keep viewers on their site longer and thus serve more advertising; common knowledge suggests that viewers prefer shorter bursts of information. I suggest that in most cases the majority of viewers would rather watch three 2 minute videos rather than one longer 5 minute video. If you have logical segments in your message that have value being consumed separately, consider making multiple shorter videos that can be watched in whatever sequence makes sense to the viewer.

In regard to production get the help you need and make the best intro video you can afford to make. Remember the old adage that you only get on chance to make a good first impression? The same holds true for your intro video. You probably made a reasonable investment in the design of your website, your logo, your business card and other promotional and marketing tools. Well video is the next tool you need.

Why video? Why now? It has only been in the past couple of years that enough people have access to high speed Internet. Also video production costs have fallen substantially creating the perfect storm necessary to make a video an affordable option for virtually every business.  Add the value of video on mobile devices and you have enough good reasons to start planning your video presence today.

reno lovinsonReno Lovison is the owner of Reno Lovison Marketing specializing in video for the web and is the producer of “A Peek Inside the Door” and “Authors Showcase” two thirty minute programs seen weekly on Chicago cable Channel 25.


Employing YouTube SEO

When thinking about SEO, we often only worry about the number one search engine, we forget about Youtube SEO.  Did you know that this is the world’s second most popular search engine?  Does that come as a surprise?  It should not!

Since the site only hosts videos, it can be easy to disregard it as a viable search engine.  However, many people prefer to consume their content in video form.

In the old days, simply placing a keyword in the title would get your video ranked in the top ten – easy.  With thousands of videos getting uploaded every day, that is no longer true.

Luckily, you can implement SEO tactics for YouTube just like you would for any other search engine.  Moreover, like website SEO, video SEO will move you up in ranking too.

Interested?  Let us proceed!

1.  Include Closed Captions

Just below the video, in the lower right corner, is a button with the letters CC.  These initials stand for closed captions.

Since YouTube has advanced to a global superpower, captions are great ways to help more people around the world consume your video.  However, closed captions play a much more important role.  YouTube crawls the content in captions!

The process to include closed captions in a video is extremely easy, thanks to YouTube’s speech recognition feature.  The software will automatically detect the beginning and end of each spoken sentence.  So all you have to do is upload the video’s script and taadaa…captions will appear!

All things equal, a video with closed captions will outrank a video without closed captions.

2.  Add the Video’s Script to the Description

Once you’ve gone through the process of including closed captions with your video, you are still left with a copy of your video’s script.  You do not want all that effort to go to waste, do you?  No!  Upload it into the video’s description too.  Would you know it…Google indexes that also!

3.  Use Keywords in the Video File Name

If you are uploading a video about a local cornhole tournament, the video file name should be something like Dallas-Cornhole-Tournament.avi.

True, the viewers will never see the file name.  However, YouTube will.  And a file name like MOV0123.avi is meaningless to the crawlers.

YouTube awards relevancy credit to videos with keyword file names because it assumes if the title and file name match – it must really be what it says it is.

4.  Share Only Engaging Videos

You might think this is a no-brainer, but stick with us.  YouTube grants relevancy credits to videos that have been watched for a longer period of time.  For example, all things equal, a video that has been watched from beginning to end will outrank a video that has only been watched for a few seconds.  YouTube sees this as a good way to measure the quality of the video.

5.  Chose High Definition over Standard Definition

Again, all things equal, a HD video will outrank a SD video every time.  If you think about it, this makes sense.  If you are investing the time, energy and resources to make an HD video, the content is bound to be stellar.

YouTube SEO does not have to be challenging when you use the ideas discussed here.

Guest blogger Josah Smith works for a local marketing firm.  She recently helped Custom Corntoss make a video about cornhole – watch it here.



Virals of Love

Today I have the Virals of Love for you. This is…a special look at how to use viral video marketing through the unique lens of humor. Please keep an open mind and do not drink any beverages as you watch this video.

Other than that enjoy!

Virals Of Love

Explaining The Virals Of Love

Why did I do this video? Well, one it was Valentine’s day and it seemed expensive to mail everyone who reads this blog a card and a heart shaped candy that could have been made in 1954.

Second, I want to show you that different can be interesting to your clients. Often we are stuck in social media, afraid of what we can until we forget to act on what is possible.

Now, I am not saying you have to do exactly what I do. Then Maroon 5 would need another song called Moves Like Andy.  Instead, you need to create a niche where you can be different than your competitors. There is no better place to do this online than through viral video marketing.

Third, you do not have to be different everyday. As you might have noticed I do not do a lot of these song and dance routines often. One, so I will not blind the children. Two, because it just would not work that well (That being said, please share this so I do not look like a lonely weirdo. At least, I can be an weirdo with friends.)

With this being said, go forth and be yourself through your social network marketing pursuits. You will find that people are much more attracted to the interesting version than the stodgy, never takes a chance version that puts people to sleep. In the meantime, please enjoy this interesting look at viral video marketing through the “Virals of Love”!


LinkTube Is Pretty Cool

I have been playing with a possible new toy called LinkTube. Looking at new ways of doing things by playing with how this site works. This is  how I generally figure out everything from Twitter to Facebook to WordPress to LinkTube. I play with it, gently deducing how certain things will work, and then bashing my computer when it does not work that way the first few times until I arrive at the correct way of doing things.

LinkTube Review

LinkTube does what the name suggests. It provides hyperlinks on Youtube videos that you can use to click onto other sites. The videos can be embedded on your blog or website. Obviously, this can be very attractive for online marketers who do a lot of video marketing. This is a great way of directing traffic to your site. Plus, when you combine this with the power of WordPress it is a 1-2-3 easy method that really makes this system useful.

Step 1. Upload your Youtube video. (Check out our Youtube 101 video for more info)

Step 2:  Fill out the information on LinkedTube, including the Youtube URL info, which you can find on the Youtube Video line. Also, make sure that you fill out the Button Text, Button URL(your destination), Hover Title, and Hover Text. I have a sample of what I did for my homepage in the picture above. Click Save and Get Code.

Step 3: Copy the code that you have from LinkedTube and now copy this in the appropriate spot on your WordPress blog. Make sure that you are in an area that allows HTML. If you do this in the visual editor you will just see a lot of code.

That is it! Except for…

LinkedTube Autoplay

The video does not autoplay, like I would like it to. What is the point of creating a video on your homepage if it does not autoplay? So, I am going to reach out and ask if anyone knows how to get this to autoplay?

I attempted some basic autoplay codes and nothing worked. Due to my virtually non-existent tech background it is not surprising. What is surprising is that I am not the only person to run into this challenge, so therefore if you have an answer it would also be helping others as well.

LinkedTube Overview

LinkedTube is a nifty new toy to play with that provides a lot of what a marketer wants in terms of directing traffic to their websites