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Weekend Giveaway No Optin: Copywriting Power Words

I have not done this in a few weeks and thought it was time to give away some Copywriting Power Words. That is your weekend giveaway this weekend. Oh yeah! Get close to 2,000 copywriting power words. Best of all, this is a complimentary gift with no optin. That means you can get the gift here for free right now by just downloading the information below.

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Copywriting Power Words

All I ask is that you share this gift with your social network on Facebook or Twitter.

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Additionally, if you want to join us for a free 1 hour blog traffic training just fill in your information below to get started. We are hosting our next webinar this coming Wednesday, August 22nd at 8 PM EST. Discover how I have driven over 150,000 unique visitors to this blog since 2010.


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Complimentary Blog Traffic Training

blog traffic

The next webinar is August 2nd at 8 PM EST. This is a 1 hour webinar where we show some of the best methods to increase traffic to your blog.

However, we will have future webinars as well, so sign up to find out about your schedule.

blog traffic

Have Some PLR Email Content

I have some PLR content that is just sitting here waiting to be shared with the world. Since this content has already been used on other articles it is not recommended that you use this for your own blog or article directories. However, this is content you can use for emails and newsletters.

Please note that the information in can sometimes be a bit evergreen. If you need more detailed content for your email newsletters contact me HERE.

In the meantime, enjoy the 359 sales articles below. Just download and start seeing which articles you want to use to help out your newsletters.  It might also have some good information for your own sales business as well. There is nothing wrong with a little extra knowledge.

[membership_download_item_zip link=”” target=”_blank”]Sales.Zip[/membership_download_item_zip]

If you have any challenges use this link.

Now, get your business off the ground with some traffic to your new email auto-responder with our free webinar Monday, July 23rd at 7 PM. Recording will be available for those who sign up in advance.

 Join Our Free Traffic Webinars!

We respect your email privacy

One last item. If you need to get started with your email marketing then check out Aweber(affiliate link). I have been using this software for the past 3 years and it has made my life infinitely easier. This along with the PLR email content and our traffic webinar give you different parts of an internet marketing strategy that can help you drive business for years to come.

Driving Blog Visits Giveaway

This weeks weekend giveaway is for helping you driving blog traffic to you site. Shocking that I actually want to teach you how to drive traffic to your blogs, but yes I do want to help you drive traffic to your blogs. Learn how. Plus, for those interested in a free 1 hour training, we are holding a Blog Traffic webinar on Monday. For details go here. No here! Oh wait! Same place. Just go.

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Blog Visitor Suck

Learn more about driving blog traffic to your…blog. (Hope you did not think there would be a surprise twist there.) Learn about different systems you can use to consistently get traffic to your site. Plus connect with other bloggers to network in your industry and great valuable relationships.

Blog Traffic Membership

WordPress Gratis Training!

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Do you want a free copy of our introductory WordPress video tutorial? Then it is your lucky weekend. We will be offering this to you for free over the weekend. Download it below!

This free training shows you how to navigate WordPress to more successfully use this platform for your business. Understanding the basics of WordPress is a huge advantage.

[membership_download_item_video link=”” + target=”_self”]Wordpress Gratis Training[/membership_download_item_video]

Also, for those interested in our Blog Traffic Membership get a 14 day $1 trial. This membership includes access to our past webinars about blog traffic, plus access to our exclusive Skype Mastermind.

As a bonus I am also personally offering you a free to tweet to over 96,000 followers on my top two social networks once a month (@andynathan) & (@smartatthestart). Send me your tweet when you join us and I schedule the tweet out.

Join us today!

Blog Traffic Membership
This concludes your WordPress Gratis Training Post!