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Analyzing The Twitter IPO

Following the footstep of Facebook, Twitter IPO announcement for its own social media messaging service is causing waves to online.twitter_logo_header

Is it the right time for them to raise the money? The company’s fortunes are on the upswing. According to eMarketer, Twitter will rake in $583 million in advertising revenue for 2013 and touch $1 billion in 2014. Given the projections, it would take the company nothing to win public trust.  So, the timing simply can’t be better. Recent market performance of Facebook and LinkedIn share show that Twitter has got it right. This year, Facebook’s shares are up more than 60% while professional network LinkedIn has gone up to a staggering 117%.

The next question is: when will the IPO happen? Though it’s tough to answer this question one can only hazard a guess by following what Facebook did. Facebook went public in May 2012 after announcing its IPO filing in February 2012. So Twitter might go public anytime between November and December. But many believe Twitter would botch it up by launching it during holidays. So, the launch may happen anytime early next year.

What about the valuation? This is the toughest question to answer. Going by insider reports, the company was to be purchased at around $14 billion when its worth was $11 billion. This puts the value of its share at $27. But Twitter may choose to price it below that.

Interestingly, Facebook had effectively no mobile ad revenue when it went public. In comparison, Twitter makes more money via mobile apps. So, Twitter starts its innings with an advantage of sorts.

Here are the few reasons according to daily finance on why average investor should not get a thrill for twitter IPO.

  1. 1.  We have seen in the past most of the IPO which creates a lot of hype have always dissatisfied the market and average investors. So till the time Twitter comes with good facts, it’s risky.
  1. 2.   Well if you are a regular news reader you must have read a lot about companies uses IPO as a good alternative to raise capital from the market. And many had already shown losses after the listing, thus we should first wait and watch the market and what twitter brings new to avoid such news.

Share with us your views on Twitter IPO.

Bio: Sandra Bullock is working as Editor in Chief for (FNI). Writing on Financial Topics is her passion. FNI is a great Community for financial bloggers and writers.


Donald Trump Say What? A How Not To Manual For Twitter

As election results came poring in last night from all over the country, voters waited anxiously to hear the really unsurprising news that the president was re-elected to a second term in office. Everyone waited, except for Donald Trump. The Trump decided it was time to unleash his fury against the US for re-electing Barack Obama. As an anchor on Fox News this morning said, “He was a fury of politics and hair pieces.”

What follows is a how NOT to manual on Twitter that might not be appropriate for ordinary humans. Let alone the Donald Trumps of the world. Please avert your eyes if anything here scares the bejeezers out of you.

It all started with a simple Tweet:

Donald Trump Tweet

Then the tweets took a turn for the worse. And this my readers is what you call the classic How NOT to Manual on Twitter.

1. Generally bad-mouthing everyone does not make you look smarter. Case in point!

donald trump election tweet

Donald Trump twitter account


2. For someone who has built his business on reputation, you would think he would know how to manage that reputation better. While Twitter is great for rapid communication, remember that you can ruin your reputation in a tweet. Even better is ruining your reputation in a rapid-fire series of tweets designed to aggravate people.

donald trump tweet


3. What You Say Online Never Goes Away!

He was smart enough to delete this tweet, but not before the New York Magazine(courtesy Mashable) was able to take a screen shot of some of these tweets. I do not understand how people do not get the idea of social media being a veiled curtain where you can curse the world, and think no one will hear you. Until the day comes when you have something to stump, and wonder why no one hears you?

[features_box_paper_white width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!


Next time you have that gigantic urge to let the country know they are morons for selecting their choice, please refrain. While a number of people did not like the decision, me included, stop whining! Look this nation will not live or die off one man. In fact, we were specifically designed to be a nation of many, because we all have the power to make change in this world.

While I do not agree with the vast majority of Barack Obama’s policies, I applaud his decision to be a change in the world.

What I do not appreciate is someone who believes Twitter is a place to spout off about how so-so is a jerk. Please stop. Make the world a better place, and think before you tweet.






Twitter Basics-Social Networking Basics Week

Wanted to put out the Twitter Basics post today. This is going to be short, but the video is pretty inclusive. Sorry about the late post, but my site was acting up like a petulant child today. This is a continuation of the social networking basics week post that we started with Facebook Basics. Tomorrow will be LinkedIn.

Twitter Basics Video Tutorial

Twitter Basics Action Steps

Here are three Twitter Basics action steps you can take today.

  1. Make sure your profile is up to date.
  2. Go on Twitter and do a search for ideal prospects and referral partners you can follow.
  3. Start retweeting and engaging in dialogue with those followers.

That is it. Kind of basic ideas that actually. However, it would not be called Twitter Basics if the ideas were complicated.

How To Be The Brave, Irresistible Twitter User

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of Tweets. Twitter initially started as a prototype, and is now a phenomenon. It’s the new way of initiating contact, a new way to disseminate news, a new way to share information, and a radically new way to do business. Saturation is the new problem small businesses, individual blog owners, and marketers face on Twitter.

How do you stand out in the crowd? Here are some tips on how to be the brave, irresistible Twitter user:

Seek out people; get their attention; and initiate contact.

If all I had to do was to Tweet and Retweet, I could automate my Twitter streams completely. I don’t do it because there are some things social media tools can’t do. Stepping out of your comfort zone, reaching out to others on Twitter, and making conversation is one of those things you can’t automate. Automate and/or semi-automate what you can. Go after people who you think will be valuable in your network and initiate contact.

Don’t ask for anything. Don’t even expect them to reply. Just go out and initiate contact. Find something they did that’s particular awesome. Did they write or published a blog post you like? Are you generally in awe of them and took the liberty to connect? Did someone publish a book or did you want to connect with the author of a book you just read?

Think about it. It’s a continuous stream of opportunities to connect on Twitter. Just because you get initiation rolling, you open a whole new stream of opportunities on Twitter.

Share Opinions, show your personality, and get bold

Meek people don’t have great Twitter accounts, in case you haven’t noticed. Those that get noticed are always the opinionated ones who blog, talk, share, opine, and let it all out. If you feel about something in a way, share it. Don’t worry about negative responses (it’s a good thing to get these because you then know that others are noticing you).

Justify your opinions and back them up using facts and knowledge, but don’t hide your opinions in text editors. Bring them out. Let the world know.

Talk about others, Make mentions

I know this worked for me very well because I am a nutcase, really. I find people on Twitter, check out their tweets, blogs, and other pieces of content, and then mention them in random tweets. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. I find awesome pieces of content, locate authors, find their Twitter handle, and mention them on Twitter.

A few examples:

• Did you find an awesome answer to a question on Quora? Find the person on Twitter and let the world know about the answer.
• When you read a great blog post, Retweet it “manually” with your own inputs.
• Make general mentions about people, companies, brands, or blogs on Twitter. Something like: “Did you know that @andynathan and @chrisguillebeau blogged continuously for 5 years?

Ask questions

If Management by Asking Questions has been a great way to manage people in teams, Tweeting by Asking Questions is a great way to create a vibrant network of Twitter followers. Resist the temptation to “Google” what you want to know. Instead, use the “Search” feature on Twitter, find someone who knows what you want to know, and ask questions.

Go for direct Initiation again, and they would love the fact that you took the time to ask. Alternatively, you can post a general question on your twitter stream (but the chances of this question being answered on general broadcast is much less and ineffective comparatively).

You can go one step ahead too. How about tweeting someone telling them why they thought X about Y? Why not ask for justification on an opinion they published on their blog? As long as you make sense, anything goes. Be careful though.


• @Example: You talk about promoting on Twitter. Why do you think it works when Twitter users are resistant to direct pitches?
• @Example: Could you suggest a few #socialmedia #tools for me?

Listen and Make offers

Is there anything you can give away for free? Be it products or services, chances are that you can do (services) or give something (products) for free. All economic transactions begin with an offer. On Twitter, making direct pitches is the last thing you should do.

Once in a while, however, you’ll see questions or problems that other twitter users face. If solving this problem is related to what your business does, why not make an offer? If it can be done for free, it’s even better.

A few examples:

• Hey @whoever. I noticed you asked for optimizing your website for mobile devices. I’d love to do it for you. Don’t pay if you don’t like my work. Please DM Me.
• @guestpostwanted – I would love to write a guest post for you. I’ll send you an email with possible topic angles or approaches.
• @someblogger – Your blog has potential. I’d like to write blog posts for you. Would you like 2 free blog posts to check out my services?

When you make offers, once in a while, you put Twitter to work for you directly. Don’t make it a habit through. Don’t ever pitch too much. Let your offers come in as an obvious response to someone’s problems.

How are you doing on Twitter?

Author Bio

Ashwin Satyanarayana is a content strategist, a technology aficionado, social media expert, and an Internet marketing consultant. He owns Fetchprofits — an online branding and consulting company which helps small businesses make their online presence work for them.

Simple Tips on How to Promote Your Band on Twitter

If you have a band that currently does not have too many fans, then there are a couple things that you should know. It may seem pretty hard to show a decent set of fans, but with the right advertisement and exposure, you will then be able to be just as popular as every other band out there. Twitter is known for being one of the most popular social media websites in the world, and the reason to this is that millions of people sign on Twitter everyday. Twitter is a great website to advertise and reveal your band to the world, as people in different countries will get to know your band. Though it may be pretty tough to promote an unknown band on a social media site like Twitter, at least other people will get to find out about your band.

Simple Tips on How to Promote Your Band on Twitter

- Create a Fan Base

New bands can actually create or even expand their fan base on Twitter, allowing more people to find out about the band. All you need to do is interact with different bands or artists that need the same support as you to follow your account in return of you following theirs. On Twitter, you need to meet as much people as you can, and since your band is not as popular as you wish right now, you need to interact with other artists to follow your account. The more artists and bands you meet, the more exposure your band will get. Make sure to also interact with artists and bands that already have their own set of fans, because they could true promote your band to their fans.

- Giveaway Free Tracks for a Follow/Tweet

Make sure to giveaway free tracks to those that are interested in hearing your music. However, do not giveaway any of your tracks unless they have either followed your bands fan page or Tweeted the band name. The more exposure you are getting from random people around the world, the faster your band will get noticed by people. You never know that the person you give a free track to is related to a popular music producer. The more you get your band’s name out to the public, the more people will get interested in hearing your music. Getting a band noticed is a process, because at first no one may even want to hear your music, but once a couple set of people do, they will start spreading out your band’s name.

- Be Friendly

Be friendly to everyone that may seem interested in hearing your music, because if people feel an ounce of rudeness on any of your Tweets, they will not want to waste their time listening to your music. Some bands tend to gloat a bit on their Tweets even if they don’t have many fans yet, this causes most people to lose interest in the band. So, be humble and friendly to everyone that could become a possible fan, because with their help, your bands name will be able to spread like wild fire.

- Offer Free Concerts

Offer free concerts, because there are plenty of people that would want to hear free music at a concert. The great thing about offering free concerts is the people that do come even bring friends, meaning more people will be able to hear your music. Invite as much people as you possibly can to your free concert, and you will be shocked on how your band will become popular. Make sure to also follow schools, because they may need a band to play for a school dance or party.

- Host Contests

On your band’s Twitter account, try to host contests like by giving away a cell phone or gadget. For those people to join those contests on Twitter, they will need to follow and Tweet your band’s name. This happens to be great promotion for your band, and whoever wins the prize should receive a free track or one of your albums.

With the simple yet effective advice above, your band will then receive the promotion and exposure it needs.

About author:

Trisha Evans is fashion shopping, blogger, and artist that has gained a great knowledge on how to promote music on social media websites. She writes for “Keitas” online shop that has dozens of followers on various Social Media sites.