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Thursday Thought: Increase Your Subscribers, Fans, and Followers

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I am always getting questions about ways to increase your subscribers, fans, and followers.

How do you do get umpteen followers?

What are the exact steps that I need to take to get 1,000 subscribers to my list?

What is the benefit of having 100 fans?

The list goes on and on. So, I decided it was time to start discussing this topic. Like an epiphany, the three ideas that I bring up in the podcast show you some quick and easy.

So, enjoy this podcast and let me know what your super-duper secret way you have to increase your subscribers. Or let me know if you have any questions about how to increase subscribers, fans, and followers yourself.

Thursday Thoughts: Reviewing Your Social Media Plan

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thursday thoughtsAs I was a Thursday Thinking about the thoughts of the week I had an epiphany that we would discuss how to review your social media plan. And that is exactly what we will be discussing today. How to review your social media plan.

From the Podcast above you have probably heard my schtick already about why you should review your social media plan from time to time. Well, below are my five favorite reasons for making sure that you stick with and frequently review your social media plan.

Thursday Thoughts Benefits on Reviewing

Your Social Media Plan

1. How will you know if your social media plan is working if you do not check it from time to time? This is the biggest reason you update your plan from time to time. Things change, events happen, we shift as organizations and people. Making sure that you keep true to what really helps your business is crucial to thriving.

2. To go along with that thought, what course corrections will you make to ensure that you stay on the right path or deviate towards it? To make a change to just make a change is idiotic. Sorry to be blunt, but the change itself does nothing if there is not a reason behind the change and also an understanding of how that change will help.

3. Can you improve upon what you are doing right now? Everything is going great this quarter. You hit all your goals. Terrific! What can you do to better them next quarter? Do not settle! Settling is for the old west, not business.

4. Is their a way to get more business in less time on social media than what you are currently doing? Do you spend three hours every day on social media just to get business? How can you cut that time in half? Maybe automate some of your tweets, so they are scheduled to go out everyday with or without you (Single greatest thing to come to social media since social media itself). Perchance you find that some of the work requires a real human.  Most of my clients use my services, because they do not have the time nor the desire to spend time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress, and countless other social media and other internet marketing tasks. If it makes sense you do not have to go it alone. Let me know if you need help with this.

5. What is your ROI from social media? I remember when I had 10,000 followers. I was so excited. Then someone asked me how much money I made with those $10,000 followers. Then it was down to business. Just because they follow does not mean they will buy. Just because they fan does not mean they want your services. Converting them is crucial. Figure out your sales funnel.

This concludes your regularly scheduled Thursday Thoughts. I hope you appreciated our take on reviewing your social media plan. Let me know below, when was the last time you reviewed your plan? Why did you review your social media plan at that time?

Thursday Thoughts-Social Media Focus

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I predict we will be discussing Social Media Focus in this week’s episode of Thursday Thoughts. Oh wait! we are. This week’s Thursday Thoughts is about social media focus. How to create the focus you need for your social media business is key.

I know we discuss a lot of different social networks on this site. Partially, it is because there are a diverse group of entrepreneurs who visit this site and need different tools for their business. Also, it is my job to help you understand how these different tools help or hinder your business.

In the end, however, you only really a couple of good networks to build your business on. Having 50 social networks will not make you better at marketing. Focusing on a few networks and building relationships on those networks will definitely help.

The more you create laser focus in your social media strategy and in business in general the greater your successes. Don’t believe me? Remember that Google started out with a search bar, KFC started with the Colonel traveling from state to state with his chicken recipe, and Ford used to sell cars in any color “as long as it was black.” One idea used long enough will move mountains.

The same holds true with your social networking. You need to focus on what is best for your business. Above I discuss this in my weekly Thursday Thoughts podcast. Let me know in the comment section below how you plan to increase your social media focus?


Thursday Thoughts: Finding The Right Social Network

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For this episode of Thursday Thoughts I want to discuss finding the right social network for your business. So often we are convinced that we need to be on every single network on the planet. The reality is that most business professionals can focus on just a few social networks.

Even I am not generally working actively on more than 5-6 networks at any one time. Generally I have a favorite 1-2 networks that I will go to for 6 months and then take a look at other networks to focus on later to help my clients understand how to use social networking. However, I want to note. This is my business. Your is (fill in the blank). You do not have to learn about all the social networks, just the one that works best for you.

So, sit back and enjoy the Thursday Thoughts about social networks.

To listen to the Thursday Thoughts on Social Networking click on the play button at the top.

Thursday Thoughts On Integrated Marketing

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thursday thoughtsI had a brilliant idea this morning. I have great thoughts. In fact, I was so excited about the idea that I have great thoughts that I decided every Thursday I would share these ideas in my Thursday Thoughts with you. This will be a new segment where I spend 1-2 minutes discussing awesome things happening in the industry.

This week I thought we should discuss integrated marketing for your business. A number of business professionals keep their online and offline marketing separate from each other. Not only does that hurt your business, because of having a splinted marketing strategy, you are also losing the momentum that transfers offline to online and vice versa. Integrating your marketing provides you with the best of both worlds.

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