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Skype Turns 10 Years Old

Normally, I would not be celebrating social media anniversaries, but this is Skype. For those who have never used Skype as a networking site, or never connected with someone on Skype from a distance, you do not know what you are missing. Congratulations on a social network that keeps getting better every year.

skype 10 year anniversary
Skype’s 10th Anniversary Infographic, by Skype

New Book, eMarketing Experience Live On Amazon

My new book, eMarketing Experience is now live on Amazon.  Trying to think of something cool and collective about how it helps entrepreneurs with their online marketing skills, but all I can think of is Yipppeee! However, what other appropriate words can I use to describe a book about creating the right experiences for your online marketing.

Special Offer

Therefore, anyone who purchases the new book, eMarketing Experience through July 31st will receive not only this book, but also:

  • A free 30 minute Skype consultation session with me
  • Over75  customized free video tutorials on internet marketing, social networking, blogging, seo, and more

(Total Value: $578.13)

Now, here is the kicker! If you use the link below, you will also get a discount off the regular purchase price of $12.98. However, when you use the link below, the price is $9.99 including S&H for those in the continental United States.

eMarketing Experience Special Offer

Amazon Book ImageHere is the overview of what the book contains, and a special that I am offering through the month of July for those interested in purchasing the book.

First, what the heck is eMarketing Experience!

eMarketing Experience is the combination of over four years of social networking, blogging, search engine optimization, and email marketing experiences I have either directly or through customers gained along the way. The lessons I have learned from success and failure.

Primarily, we discuss how to use the current online marketing tools to build real relationships that lead to real profits online. Really!

The book starts with a review for beginners, showing you how the technology can be used for your business in a systematic method. For way too long people have been mesmerized (or terrorized depending on your outlook) of these technologies.

They were seen as the end all, be all in terms of building your business. However, the internet is more than the sum of it’s parts. Instead, the internet works because we are on there.  Without our ability to communicate with each other online no one would care about online marketing.

Everything I have learned over the past few years led me to the fact that the relationships we create on the internet are the sole source of all revenue online. People talk about a revolution in communications, and miss the fact that the revolution is that the internet brings back thoughts of old-fashioned meetings where people had discussions and listened to each others thoughts and ideas.

Our job as marketers is to create an experience like none other with this technology. One that says, wow you care, and also want to help me with whatever challenges I am facing. In the end, the right experience is about creating massive value for your customers. The more give others, the more we receive back in our business.

Second, this brings me to the special offer that I mentioned above. 

Since this is a book based on creating value through positive experiences online, I thought I would set an example here.

Therefore, anyone who purchases the new book, eMarketing Experience through July 31st will receive not only this book, but also:

  • A free 30 minute Skype consultation session with me
  • Over75  customized free video tutorials on internet marketing, social networking, blogging, seo, and more

(Total Value: $578.13)

Now, here is the kicker! If you use the link below, you will also get a discount off the regular purchase price of $12.98. However, when you use the link below, the price is $9.99 including S&H for those in the continental United States.

eMarketing Experience Special Offer

This is the point where you say what’s the catch. The catch is very simple. I need three things from you.

1. To get your free Skype coaching session you must sign up by August 15th, and use no later than August 30th (48 hour advance notice required).

2. To register for the free Skype coaching session you must fill out short questionnaire, so I know in advance what you need. (Find Questionnaire Here)

3. This is not a requirement, but a request. Once you have read the book, I would ask for you to review my book on Amazon (A Positive Review if you could be so kind).

That is it! Again, if you are interested in the special offer, and more importantly purchasing eMarketing Experience, use click the buy now button below for only $9.99 before this offer expires in July 31st.

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Sitting Around The Incandescent Fire

Social Networking is nothing new. Instead, social networking has shocking parallels to times in our past like the Wild West. In fact, the difference between sitting around a fire and the incandescent fire is slim. As you will see below, we have not developed new social skills. Instead, we have modified them for the technology we created.

The Slideshare I created a few months ago on social networking is nothing so shocking that we abandon a new method of communication. For those who argue social networking is the downfall of technology, I encourage you to throw out your pens and destroy your rotary telephones. They too were once the scourge of communication across the world. A scandalous device, so devoid of passion and human interaction that they would be abandoned at all costs.

While the need for face to face communication is still strong, and needed in a lot of cases. The use of social networking brings people around the world together like never before in history.  That is what social networking is about the combination of our history for communicating with others. The technology enables us to spread our ideas like wildfire.

For me, this point can not be emphasized enough. It is why I have brought this up a few times in my blogs history.

Sitting Around The Incandescent Fire

So, you have seen the proof in the pudding so to speak. What do you think? Have you sat around the incandescent fire of social networking.

Revisiting The Social Networking Crystal Ball For 2014

I will now predict social networking’s future for January 1st, 2014. Children do not try this at home. The dangers involved in an act of cunning like this are immense. First, you almost have to know what you are doing. Second, you need a curtain into the future where you evaluate the future of social networking with the laser-like precision of an expert.

How Correct Was My Crystal Ball For 2013:

First, I predicted 2/3 of social media users would use mobile devices to access their accounts this year. According to the, 10% of all internet traffic is now via mobile. Additionally, 91% of mobile usage is for social media.  HubSpot stated that 73% of smartphone users go on social media everyday. I count that as a win!

Second, according to Juniper Research 197 million smartphones are now Augmented Reality (AR) enabled.  While the adoption rate was not 25% like I predicted, we now have the tools to get there. Google+ Social Search Not exactly a win!

Third, My prediction on Google plus was 250 million plus users. They had 500 million users at the end of the year. Close! Only predicted 50% of their growth rate.

Fourth, Social Search. Because of the rise of Google Plus, I predicted the two would elope. And so they did, as traditional search measures like pagerank and backlinks went out the door. In waltzed, A Panda, a penguin, and a plus one. That sounds like the beginning of a great joke! If they had not messed up search so much it might almost be funny.

Now, for the moment we have all been anxiously awaiting. Your Social Networking Crystal Ball for 2014.

First, I am going to cop out and restate my Augmented Reality prediction for 2014. With 197 million smartphone devices now AR enabled, we have enough momentum to use this on a broader scale. We now have enough devices to start making a dent in the AR landscape. This can mean really cool things, like people walking around the streets with their phones in front of them in some Wall-E  like trance of the Axiom passengers here on Earth.

Second, this is the year that business owners will go hyper local. Small business owners do not need to connect with 950 million people around the world. They need to connect with the tens of thousands of people in their area. Location-based social Social Media Integrationnetworking, which has been around for a few years, will become a bigger buzzword in the business community as smaller brands retreat from the large-encompassing social networks. I predict a 10% plus year over year drop in Facebook ad revenue to accompany this withdrawal.

Third, there will be a large scale blackout on the internet, because the government in their attempt to collect more money will do something really stupid. I know, I know, the United States government would never do anything stupid like removing websites without due process, or censoring activity on the web like a KGB operation. If SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA taught us anything this year, it is the government has no clue what they are doing.  My prediction follows the trends, and is a heads up for the freedom of speech vote ahead.

So, what have we learned from the information above? More businesses will be honing in on local social networking strategies to help their business. In fact, for social networking to have a dynamic future these local technologies will be essential.

Extra bonus: Tips on How to Use Your Online Sales Weapons effectively

Thanks for being with me all the way here! Now that we’ve gone through the three weapons one by one, time to share some extra ‘user tips’!

Tips for Live Chat Lovers

  • Starting from where your customers abandon your website. Site pages that have a high bounce rate or where you need to improve conversions or sales are a great place to begin live chat to improve website performance.
  • Use proactive chat instead of reactive chat.  According to a Forrester study, proactive live chat can increase ROI to up to 105%.
  • Customize chat content based on unique criteria. Personalization is loved by most customers today. Customize your chat invitations to specify experiences.
  • Always offer chat in transactional pages. Transactional pages such as a shopping cart or sign-up page, are the most important places to save customers from leaving without purchase on your website.
  • Don’t over personalize messages. Over personalization will make your customers feel being spied. Focus on personalizing based on information that wouldn’t make the user feel as though you know too much about them!
  • Expand your automation circle to make your voice heard by the whole world. Sales is not the only field that can take advantage of the automation technology. Consider to expand your automation circle to marketing, social media activities, etc. to help start the lead nurturing process as early as possible.
  • Choose the right tool that target your needs best. There’re hundreds of automation tools in the market today. Be sure to be a smart buyer and only pay for the right ones with good ROI.
  • Nurture, nurture and still nurture! One of the primary purpose of automate your business is to gain more mature leads. So try your best to do the nurturing work wherever and whenever you can.
  • Embed your business rules into CRM databases so that certain customer behavior will trigger appropriate reaction.
  • Integrate your CRM with the customer’s various touch points with the company.
  • Create an ability to sell the moment a customer is ready to buy, and know what to offer and how to appeal to each customer.
  • Recognize that employees have different needs just as customers do, and provide each with the information they want.

Tips for CRM enthusiasts

Today’s online business world is crowd. In order to survive and finally stand out you need to be well prepared for all the competition and challenges. Make sure your army has been fully equipped, and fighting yourself a seat will not be as hard as it may sound like.

About the Author:

Kevin Gao is the founder and CEO of Comm100 Live Chat, a leading provider of live chat software for business. As a software developer as well as a small business expert, he’s always ambitious to revolutionize the way of online customer service and communication. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn to find out more about him.