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Social Networking Minute: Meme Generator

This weeks social networking minute will cover how to use the Meme Generator on your mobile phone to create dynamic images for your social network.


Social Networking Minute: Meme Generator

Social Networking Minute: Hootsuite Bulk Schedule Update CSV Trick

This weeks social networking minute will show you a trick on your CSV file that you need for the HootSuite Bulk Schedule Updater to work.

Social Networking Minute: HootSuite Bulk Schedule Update

Check out my Hootsuite post from last week for more info on the bulk schedule updater.

Social Networking Minute: Facebook Friends Lists

This weeks social networking minute is all about culling your Facebook friends lists. If you do not have Facebook friends lists then check out our Facebook Basics discussion where we talk about staying in touch with Facebook friends. For right now, however, let us return to the subject of culling our Facebook Friends list.

I think I have discussed this in the distant past, but the reality is that when I first started on Facebook I connected with everyone who sent me a request. That is fine when you are starting out, but once you have enough friends on Facebook you want to have space for people who actually do impact your business. For that reason, I started removing people who were not communicating with me. Conversely, people I thought were just not a good fit for me got removed as well.

The easiest way for me to do this was through Facebook friends. Below is a sample of how I go through my Facebook friends list and remove people that I do not want to talk with, or start up conversations with people that I have not spoken to in a little while.

Social Networking Minute: Facebook Friends List Walk-through

Let me know if you have any questions below in the comments about using Facebook friends lists to improve your prowess on this social network.

This concludes your weekly social networking minute on your Facebook Friends Lists.


Social Networking Minute: Pretty Links Plugin

This weeks social networking minute delves into the interesting world of Pretty Link Plugins. Pretty Links is the plugin that helps you shrink links to make them more attractive. Instead of using URL shortener services, such as and, you can create your own shortlink system instead. The video below shows you how easy it is to use Pretty Links for your site, as I add a quick Pretty Link for my new blog StartUpGap.Com.

Social Networking Minute: Pretty Links Plugin

You can either add this plugin to your WordPress dashboard through the add plugin feature, or download it on

Here are three  quick ways to use this plugin:

  1. For affiliate code cloaking and custom link. A lot of people like to copy URL’s and strip them of their affiliate links before purchasing. It is a shame, because either way the price remains the same, and now the person recommending the product you like so much in the first place will not get credit.
  2. Split and Multivariate Testing-If you are not testing what works best in your business then you probably experience problems. The click count on Pretty Links is perfect for comparing two sales pages side by side. Maybe you change one thing like the button, and want to see which works best. Now, all you need to do is create a second pretty link to test the best button.
  3. Shorter links- Here is my link for my Amazon book: Much shorter to put in: Do not hassle with long links anymore.

Let me know in the comment section below if you are using Pretty Links for your WordPress blog right now? If so, what do you use Pretty Links for on your site? If not, why not? What alternatives are you using?

This concludes our weekly social networking on Pretty Links Plugin

Social Networking Minute: Pinterest Group Boards

With a new website we have…the same old social networking minute discussing Pinterest Group Boards. Fear not! We have not forgotten this long awaited Friday post tradition. This week’s social networking minute discusses Pinterest Group Boards as ways to create additional relationships and grow your Pinterest following faster.  The video below explains how you can set up your own board. However, do not neglect opportunities to join other peoples group boards as well.

Now for your optimal viewing pleasure we present:

Social Networking Minute: Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards Are Great For Three Reasons:

1. Create Connections With Other Pinners

2. Leverage Pins, So You Do Not Have To Do All Of The Work

3. Drive More Traffic, Because More Pinners Allow Larger Groups With Larger Followings

Hope this helps clarify the benefits of using Pinterest Group Boards. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions, or wish to join the Business Pinterest Group Board.

Remember to check out eMarketing Experience to learn more about Pinterest and other interesting digital marketing strategies. Click on the image below to go to Amazon to learn about the book. Thanks!

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 This concludes our weekly social networking minute on Pinterest Group Boards.