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Optimize Your Site for Smartphones, Tablets and Other Devices

These days, it’s not enough to have a content rich website capable of loading in any web browser. The personal computer used to be the only device capable of browsing the Internet, but since the onslaught of smartphones, people now access web pages from their tablets, phones, and even their televisions.

If your website doesn’t work across multiple devices, your product or service may fail. In order to remain effective, you need to provide a quality browsing experience regardless of what device is being used.

Why Fix What Isn’t Broken?Graphic Fuels iPad

You may be thinking you’ve already targeted your customer base. Perhaps you’ve been online a long time and continue to do well. You may be asking yourself, “Why fix what isn’t broken?” In an effort to substantiate the effectiveness of a multiple device strategy, Google compiled a list of already established websites that reported incredible traffic boosts after redesigning and offering a quality browsing experience via devices.

  • The Huffington Post boosted mobile visitors 37% after their initial site redesign.
  • Beyond the Rack saw their mobile conversion rate double after optimization.
  • Plusnet saw their traffic grow 2x and their sales grow 10x.

Optimizing Your Site for the Multi-Screen User

According to Google’s whitepaper on the topic, mobile devices are the fastest growing device with “1.5 billion mobile subscribers globally, with an astonishing growth rate of 31%. In the U.S., smartphone adoption has passed 61%.”

So, how do you optimize your site for the multi-screen user and thus get a piece of the mobile market?

First, you’ll need to do some research. Take a look at your competitor’s multi-screen platforms. Load your competitor’s pages on tablets, PCs, and smartphones to determine the standard for your industry. If you see anything that could be improved, be sure to include that in your design down the road. By improving even just one feature, you’ll be setting yourself ahead of the competition.

Second, you’ll want to go ahead and adopt the right technology. You can streamline all of your pages, by using responsive design, which uses a simple HTML code across all your pages. If you wish your main site to remain more complicated in design, responsive design will not work for you. Responsive design provides a single URL for all content, with no redirects. It’s streamlined, but if you’ve put a lot of work into your main site, or the site that loads on a regular computer, you may not want to shuck that work in favor of a more streamlined look, simply because it loads faster on a smartphone.

Other technology options to consider:

·  Dynamic serving – this method detects the type of device the user is using and loads the correct page.

·  A separate mobile site – this method redirects users to a mobile-optimized website

People Expect Safety

No matter how you plan to optimize your website for multi-screen users, it’s important that devices remain as safe as traditional PC browsers. Remind your users that it’s important to have smartphone security to reduce their risk of downloading viruses and spyware. As with traditional PC users, anti-virus protection is necessary to navigate the dangers on the web.

Make Your Device Site Easy-to-Use

Finally, as a reminder, your customers are browsing your site with limited visibility, so streamline everything. Handheld devices have a much smaller screen than the typical PC. They expect your website to load on their screens, typically 7” or less, without any issues. Make sure the site is touch-friendly and doesn’t use pop-ups. By streamlining your device page, you’re ensuring your multi-screen customers are getting the best possible experience.


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Is Apple changing the conventional method of privacy?

iPhone users will be quite happy to know that Apple has thought of implementing new privacy and security controls over its iPhone users. Considering the omnipresence of iPhone spy apps – among other cell phone spy software – and the level of security issues prevalent these days it’s quite important for companies that try to create a secure passage for their consumers to keep into account every possible way of encountering security issues. After all, no one likes to give out their personal information and that too without their consent. This only reduces the creditability of the service provider and the manufacturer.

Apple will now give its users the freedom to manage their information and how third party applications access this information. According to Apple, the new iOS 6 will have privacy and contact information panel in its settings which will help consumers determine the optimum selection of settings applicable to their situation.

This application will also notify Apple users if an application or website is asking for personal information by featuring a pop-up notification. Consumers will then personally give permission to these third party administrations to access their friend lists or personal data for their use.

Apple has always tried to keep its privacy and new ideas very secure but since it’s venturing into new technology and proposals, its personal ideas have leaked out and formed into different rumors. Although their credibility can’t be checked until the new IPhone and iOS is launched it still provides users with an excitement and helps in increasing demand.

After Android and iOS a security problem in a famous application “Path” for using contact information in the smart-phones without notifying the users the need for controlled privacy took place. Although Path apologized for going over the information available in its users’ smart-phones it’s still a security breach which led many to wonder if other applications were also doing the same thing.

By giving its users the option of choosing prime security settings Apple gives its users variably more security. Many consumers don’t agree with third party applications using personal information considering it a breach of personal information so Apple’s new decision about more specific privacy implementations will make these users quite happy.

According to recent news, the U.S House subcommittee asked Apple why it hadn’t notified its application develops to notify users about accessing information and downloading their contacts and address books. This letter briefed to Apple’s new CEO and more than 30 application developers that worked for Apple requested them to understand the needs and privacy concerns for users. Apart from this the law has also stepped in to implement “California’s Online Privacy Act” a protection act that requested Apple, Google and other iOS developers to improve the protection that it gives to its users and requesting applications to not venture into getting personal information from smart-phones for personal requirements.

All these problems and security issues make one wonder if smart-phones are really safe and worth trusting. People use their phones as a hub of information, from credit card numbers to account details many phones have information that is extremely vital to consumers and they trust these phones blindly. By looking at Apple’s security problems and recent breaches in personal security like Linkedln’s password breach and Facebook’s spam application we can’t really trust our cell-phones to great variability.

By using the new security control settings Apple will give its users the confidence of trusting iPhone again and also the freedom to choose their own private settings for their situation. Many users don’t mind third-party applications going through their information but some do, hence the new security setting will help both parties in their personal preferences.

Author Bio:

Beth has been fusing together her words with her knowledge on technology for a while now. Her pieces have become a one stop shop for readers looking for the latest information on what’s happening in the world of iPhone Spy technology.

Mobile Spy v6.0, An advanced version for BlackBerry Monitoring

Cell phone spy apps such as Blackberry monitoring software get a bad name sometimes but they’ve helped people in their daily lives on multiple occasions. Such apps are available on at least five smartphone platforms. The cell phone spy records the activities carried out on the device of the user, which can be viewed online. Most decent apps have the capacity to monitor SMS text messages, GPS data, call logs, photo gallery among other data. Phone log is accessible from any web browser because the data is typically available on online dashboard based accounts.

These apps helps the parents to keep a vigilant eye on their children’s activities. They are able to monitor conversations of their kids and make sure that they don’t associate with any wrong company. Similarly, employers can monitor the data of the cell phones of their employees to make sure that they don’t pass on any company secrets or files.

Evolution of cell phone spy apps

The new version of such apps are more useful to the parents and employers. Parents and employers are able to monitor the activities of their concerned group of people. The newer upgrades can help people monitors phone log, text messages and pictures; but also obtains information from the social networking sites and app blocking. The conversations in different messengers including Facebook, WhatsApp, BlackBerry, Google Talk, Twitter, Yahoo and several others.

Although the apps are found on all smartphone, they’re use is highly efficient in BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry PIN Messenger. They functions as BlackBerry monitoring software and give on the ability to view all other applications installed in the smartphone. In addition to this, they functions as a security apps by blocking any unwanted applications forcibly. By monitoring the social network apps, users can keep the threat of malware attack at bay.

Monitor BlackBerry Social Network apps

Cell phone spy apps work on BlackBerry’s media applications efficiently. They enable the user to identify current GPS location and view the phone’s screen at the same time. The additional features help the users to carry out administration commands swiftly; for example, sending logs to email addresses, starting a silent call or making a text message. These logs can be seen from any web browser, which is secured enough to use.

They allow the user to monitor applications installed in the BlackBerry, while blocking the infected apps. With the help of this application, BlackBerry users are able to record emails from Gmail app and activities on any website, like YouTube. Most importantly, the employers are able to monitor the amount of time each employee spends on certain websites. Likewise, parents have the benefit of knowing the activities of their children and keep a watchful on eye on them through this application, like if the child is not being harassed by anyone on Facebook. Last but not the least, this application can be uninstalled remotely.

Author Bio: James Clark has been dabbling in tech news, reviews and more for the past couple of years. His work in Blackberry Monitoring Software and cell phone spy software has of late made up most of his focal points and his writing.

Mobile Credit Card Processing: Perfect for Your Small Business

Mobile Credit Card Processing

For business owners who are always on the go, it’s important not to be restricted to only accepting credit cards on your website and store credit card terminals. If you’re speaking to prospective customers at a trade show or making in-home sales, people are just as likely to want to pay with a credit card and they might not be able to use any other payment method.

Any business professional who wants to accept small business credit card payments on the fly should look into mobile credit card processing. This rapidly-growing trend is a way of accepting credit cards using just a smartphone, an add-on card reader, and an app from your chosen provider.

Applying for an account
Depending on your chosen provider, you may be able to apply online or by filling out a form offline. You will need to provide your name, address, and phone number, your business information, a void cheque (either physical or a scan), and estimates of your business volume or sales. Once you have been approved, you will receive the physical card reader and you can plug it into your smartphone and start accepting payments.

Processing credit cards

When you’re making a sale, you can sign into the app on your smartphone, then insert your credit card reader into the headphone jack or a port on your smartphone (depending on your phone model). Swipe your customer’s credit card, then have your customer sign the screen or authorize the transaction. You can add tax, tips, and items to the bill to make it easier to track these figures.

Merchant account rates
Considering the convenience, simplicity, and security, the rates offered by mobile credit card processing providers are comparable to accepting credit cards at your physical store front. This is usually in the range of 1-3% per transaction, depending on your sales volume, the provider, and the type of transaction (swiped or entered).

Customer convenience and security

Accepting credit cards is a necessity if you need to close deals immediately at a fair, door to door, or a home party. You’re probably already familiar with how many people will back out of a transaction before buying if they have to go to the trouble of visiting your website, or if they don’t have cash on them at that moment. It’s convenient for the customer and secure because you don’t deal with or store their credit card information.

With a mobile credit card processing system, your customers will appreciate being able to pay for items or services on the spot with their credit card, and you won’t be able to believe you ever lived without it. It’s easier and more secure than ever to accept credit cards at any time with a mobile credit card processing!

Author Bio:

Guest post contributed by Maria Chambers on behalf of – Maria is a freelance writer with an extensive background as a small business advisor. To find out more about merchant services, visit their site.

Why Mobile Advertising is a Great Idea

Every day, people are looking for a place to eat, play, or shop. How effective would it be if you could send discounts, promotions, recommendations, coupons, and more directly to people’s cell phones? Although there are people against mobile advertising, this idea is picking up steam around the world and promises to be widely used and accepted in the very near future. It can be powerful because marketing messages directly reach target consumers and everyone has the ability to opt out or use privacy settings to limit the advertisings they receive on cellular devices. If you are unsure how you feel about mobile advertising, take some time to understand how it works and the reasoning behind it before making a final decision.

Why Businesses Love Mobile Marketing

Increasing numbers of businesses are going for mobile marketing. Why do they find it so appealing? The answer is simple. Most people keep their cell phones in their hand or in their pocket, within easy reach. When you respond to a mobile marketing poll or offer, your location is automatically checked in and your friends will take note of the name of the place. They may then be curious enough to check it out on their own. Voila! Viral branding brings in increased customers.

Businesses also realize that people are hopelessly in love with texting and spend hours every day staring at the screen of their phones. These business want to make an immediate appeal through this medium because they know customers are likely to view any advertising or messages within 5 minutes of it being sent. There is simply no better way to be sure target customers are actually seeing advertisements.

In addition, the ability to use far more than simply SMS has opened up a world of possibilities to businesses. Today’s businesses can use apps, interactive content, games, surveys, and streaming music and video to get customers to take notice and get involved. As such, business owners can make advertisements so finely targeted and relevant to audiences that many people don’t even realize that they are looking at marketing. These factors make it almost a guarantee that increasing numbers of businesses will continue to up the stakes with mobile marketing to include more coupons, loyalty programs, and special deals. When customers have a coupon or loyalty certificate available on their cell phones, they are more likely to visit the business to redeem their savings. That makes mobile marketing an extremely effective and efficient way to reach people and build business.

If you are looking for ways to explore more marketing options, consider adding mobile marketing to your plan. Get creative and offer customers something they really want and you will see how much this simple step can help your business grow and your profits explode. If you want to start using mobile marketing but aren’t sure how, consider hiring a consultant or a marketing service to help you get started. In the meantime, learn everything you can about this strategy and soon you will be able to create and utilize your own mobile ads and enticements.

Ane D. is a writer for If you are interested in learning more about a software engineer, or the like, head over to this site to learn more about the educational opportunities.

B2B SMS Text Marketing

Nothing says sexy like B2B SMS text marketing. That is exactly why we are going to discuss this today.  Yesterday we discussed SMS text marketing for retail stores. This conversation will be geared towards those who want to use mobile marketing in a professional service.

B2B SMS Text Marketing

Can it really be done? Yes!

Why else would we be talking about using SMS text marketing for business to business sales if there were no applications for this technology. How do you use it? I am glad you asked!

B2B SMS Text Marketing Example

Like yesterday when we created FHNE, let’s create a new business to business company that sells information to companies all over the world that help improve efficiency.  The name of the company in this case is: Bring Info To Everyone. Otherwise, known by their acronym: BITE. Giving you more bite for your buck!

BITE has decided they are going to hold a seminar to increase the number of prospects that they can have in the area. It will actually be a seminar with a monthly training schedule afterwards for those who sign up.The seminar is free, but the monthly training series will be $50 per month.

In order to go all high tech and not bite the bullet, as they say there, by missing on some great technology to improve efficiency they decide to do an SMS text marketing drive at their seminar.

Using their email list, advertising, and other tactics BITE is able to bring 200 people to the initial seminar. After three hours of awesome information the attendees have their head spinning with ideas and are ready to learn more.

That is when BITE’s VP of sales comes out and goes through the new monthly training series to show attendees how they can learn even more, double their effectiveness, and get the bite out of their day.

After a rip-roaring sales preso, BITE is able to sell 40 monthly training series spots. Instead of telling people that they can go to the back of the room to purchase they get a little creative.

In the speech they discuss how they want to save the environment, and just have less paperwork. So, they offer half off the first month to anyone who registers via their cell phone. If they text: BITE Me to 555-1234 then they will receive a link to pay on the spot with Paypal or a Credit Card.

Anyone who does not have this can go to the back of the room.

Out of the 40 attendees, 30 of the attendees use their phone and save $25 on the spot. Additionally, because BITE is not dumb they also offer a BITE size version of the seminar everyone attended for free. All people have to do is text, BULLET BITE to 555-1234.  An additional 100 people sign up for this freebie.

SMS Text Marketing Benefits

There are a few great things to having people use text to register.

First, when they sign up via text they are on your list. You can then send them updates regularly about the training schedule and also include other products that your company offers as well.

Second, putting it on their phone means they will be much more likely to see your information. As we discussed yesterday briefly, there is a much greater chance that people will check out a text message then an email.

Third, you are making it easier for the client. Instead of having to fill out a form with their information and then entering their credit card information they click a few buttons and boom! They are ready to BITE back!

Using SMS text marketing for a B2B setting can be a different way to engage your audience. It is easy to use and build your list, so that you can have a stable source of income coming in without having to continuously prospect for business.

The Power of SMS Text Marketing

I keep talking about the power of SMS text marketing, so that is why today I believe we need to discuss how to more effectively use SMS text marketing in your business. There is a wide array of applications, so please keep in mind that this will only be an overview of what you can do with SMS text marketing.

sms text marketingWhat is SMS Text Marketing?

Before we get too far into this discussion, however, I want to address what SMS text marketing is for those who might be new to the subject.

SMS text marketing is when you market mainly consumers via cell phones. There are a few applications that I will discuss for B2B markets tomorrow; however, this conversation will focus primarily on how to market small businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores, and service providers.

SMS Text Marketing Example

For example, let’s say you own a restaurant called the Food Here Now Eatery (FHNE). To my knowledge this is a non-existent business.  FHNE has been open for about two years now, and they have a few regulars who come to the eatery, but are in need of additional customers.

How do they do this?

They contact a company, such as Smart At The Start (Oh Yeah! This is a service we offer.) They find out that one of the ways they can attract more business is to use their current clientele to expand.

How do they do this?

Well, they start telling the customers who visit their eatery that they will receive a Food Here Burger free by texting to “Food Here Now Eatery” to XYZ number and also if they come in next time with someone new, they will get an order of Here Now Fries for free for them and also any friend who signs up. The great thing with text message marketing is that it provides a digital list that you can check in with a computer. Set up a spreadsheet or use CRM technology to track this information.

One note: Make sure you have an action for the current clients to do when they are at the eatery. Maybe have them take a three-question survey or recommend someone on the spot.  Maybe you start a punch card list for regulars. You can use this later for specials and incentives.

(UPDATE 6/27/12: Make sure you are can-spam compliant. If you are not then your challenges with finding business will not mean anything. Thanks David!)

FHNE does this for one month. At the end of the month, they have 100 people who have entered the list that were returning customers and 50 people who are new customers.

What can they do now with this list?

With the information they have gathered from the survey, they determine that a number of their customers stay up really late. Since FHNE closes at 10 p.m., they decide to test out a late night schedule on Friday and Saturday to gain more of the late night crowd.

How do they do that? They put out a special to their text message list that if their customers come between 10 p.m. and midnight on Friday and Saturday and spend at least $30, they get a free order of Food Here Nachos!

You find out over the next four weeks that an additional 250 customers came to FHNE Friday and Saturday nights. Out of those customers, you were able to add another 50 subscribers to your text messages.

While this is a hypothetical example, keep in mind that businesses are taking advantage of ideas like this right now to drive in traffic.

Though it might take a little while to pick up steam, the possibilities from having a larger list of customers are huge. Even bigger is the fact that according to recent statistics, 98% of all cell phone users check their text messages versus the 10% average open rates in email.

SMS Text Message Marketing Power

Where is the power in text message marketing? First, you have a list of 100 original customers that you can market to regularly in order to make them repeat clients. Second, you added between the first special and the late night schedule an additional 100 patrons.

If that is not powerful enough, then imagine what 200 people can do to spread the word on your business. Also keep in mind that while this is the beginning of your mobile marketing, it is not necessarily the end all, be all. There are a number of different ways to do an SMS text messaging campaign. Tomorrow, we will focus on an SMS text message marketing campaign that works for businesses.




Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Creating effective mobile marketing campaigns will be one of the biggest methods of pulling in clients from your marketing list over the next few years. According to Comscore, 61.5 million Americans use smartphones.  That means setting up successful mobile marketing campaigns is crucial to long term success to your business development, because the number of users is only predicted to rise. One of the best ways to effectively create mobile marketing campaigns is to convert current email marketing techniques and web marketing ideas and put them into new mobile marketing campaigns. Why reinvent the wheel? The ideas that generated hordes of new internet marketing millionaires can still work for you today on a mobile platform.

iphone mobile marketin campaigns

blackberry mobile marketing campaigns

So let’s review 3 tactics to creating successful

mobile marketing campaigns:

1. Create an incentive to encourage people to sign up for your list. Permission marketing is still the hallmark of any mobile marketing campaign. Have an offer that people can not refuse, if only they put in their email address or mobile phone number to receive this offer.

2.Do your research on the demographic and geographic information about your prospects. Get an idea of what they are interested and learn more about your target market’s desires. Marketing is about filling a need in people’s lives. When you know what your target market wants then you have a better way to create compelling messages to fill their needs.

3. Make sure that you regularly update your list with text messages/mobile emails that want them to know more. Create valuable messages, so that your readers continually have a reason to open your text messages. Keep these messages short, since the people reading your messages on mobile devices will have even shorter attention spans than your web based readers. Plus a number of SMS devices are limited to 160 characters. If you are good creating messages on Twitter, then you will easily adapt to the concept. For those who have not been using Twitter, sign up for Twitter and study how businesses craft short messages for their readers.

As we become a mobile society, the ability to create successful mobile marketing campaigns will only become more and more valuable. Look for new ways to put your message in your customers hands through mobile marketing campaigns.