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Your Complete Conversion Rate Optimization Tutorial

“Why doesn’t our website work?” This is a question that is asked time and time again from a prospective client. They had a website up for over a year and it just was not bringing in business. While they were driving in a lot of traffic to the site, conversion rates were terrible. It was clear that they would need a digital marketing agency to find out what could be done about the situation.

Unfortunately, this story is all too common. Most businesses today know they need to be online. The challenge is not convincing them to get a website, but rather making sure they employ the best online marketing strategies. Increasing the performance of your website requires a lot of experience and testing.

The conversion rate optimization process takes time, and most businesses do not have a strategy in place to help them achieve their goals. That is why they will ask a question such as, “Why are our conversion rates so low?”

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How to Market Your Small Business: Marketing Checklist

Marketing ChecklistNo matter what business you are in, there are many more ways to market your small business today than you are using. Read on or you may miss an easy way to increase your income.

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The Importance of Word of Mouth in Marketing

Guest Post: Tanner from Utah Video Marketing team contributed this guest post on the power of word of mouth marketing.

Marketing is one of the most important things in business. Without marketing, you are not going to be able to have any clients or customers. Even if you are the best company for your niche, it will mean nothing if you aren’t well known in the industry. When you are looking to grow you company, you need to spend a considerable piece of your budget on marketing. This will assure that your company is able to reach the target market that is going to bring in your revenue. If you are marketing to other companies, actually contacting those companies directly could be a great from of marketing.

Regardless of the product or service that you are marketing, you need to be able to reach your customer base. There are many different ways of going about marketing, but there are certain types of marketing that work best, whatever industry you may be in. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most valuable types of marketing that is out there. The importance of word of mouth marketing can be the difference between your company being very successful, or not successful at all.

Word of mouth marketing is unique to your business

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most important types of marketing because it can not be duplicated. Other companies won’t be able to look at your marketing campaign and copy it. Word of mouth marketing is completely unique to your business, products, and services. You can buy all of the marketing in the world, and it still wont be as genuine to your business as word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing will give your potential customers a great feel for how your business really is. They will have a much better idea of what to expect from your products or services.

Word of mouth marketing is free

One of the best things about word of mouth marketing is that it is free. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing, yet you don’t have to spend any money on it. Your customers are doing all of the work for you, with you having to spend a fortune on that great marketing. They will spread the word at no cost, simply because they love your products or services. Sometimes the most work can simply come from referrals.

Word of mouth marketing helps build your brand

When you are looking for brand recognition, nothing helps more than word of mouth marketing. For example, if a friend shows someone their favorite music group, they are way more likely to download their music than if they just heard it on the radio. They are even more likely to download that music if their friend is wearing a t shirt from that music group. This type of word of mouth marketing makes it cool to be into what your friends are into. Sometimes people will buy a product simply because that is what their friends are buying.

People trust what their friends and loved ones have to say

When a random person comes up to you on the street and tries to tell you their opinion about something, you could care less. Although, when we get together with our friends and family, we actually ask them for their opinions on certain matters. It is easy for us to trust our friends and family members, because they have been with us through so much. They know what we like, and what we dislike. We are much more likely to listen to what our friends or family members have to say, rather than just some advertisement.

Word of mouth marketing can help products spread fast and go viral

The world of internet marketing has really changed up the game. It is very easy for a video, picture, website, or Facebook page to get a lot of attention when people start sharing it. With the click of a button, people can literally click share and instantly all of their Facebook friends are aware of this awesome new product, video, or page that their friend is into. This makes it very easier for their friends to click the share button as well, and have all of their friends know about this awesome product, page, or video. This can create a chain reaction which makes a video go viral. Everyone continues to share this video, product, or page, until many many people know about this. There are videos now on the internet that can gain tens of millions of views in a short week due to effective word of  mouth marketing. It is easier than ever for people to share with their friends the love they have for a new product, video, or page. This helps build a huge customer base fast for these businesses.

Word of mouth marketing is quite possibly one of the most important types of marketing in the world today. There is no amount of money that can replace the effectiveness of word of mouth marketing. In this digital world, word of mouth marketing can take a small business or product, and turn it into a world wide recognized brand. Word of mouth marketing may seem hard to achieve, but as long as you are working on making your companies services and products top notch, this will be no problem for you. If you focus on word of mouth marketing, you will have a big company in no time.

Take A Look AT The Graphic That Will Help Me Win The $500 Brother “Back To Business” Contest Prize

Brother Creative Center

Entered Biz Sugars’ Brother CreativeCenter Contest

Yes, I decided it was time to take my shaky design skills to the next level. Fortunately with the Biz Sugar Brother CreativeCenter “Back To Business” Contest, I did not need to brush up on my graphic skills to rock your eyes with my works of greatness. The process was pretty simple. Spend about 10 minutes on the Brother CreativeCenter creating a graphic that I can then use to promote Start Up Gap. Then I created the absolute beauty below to shock and amaze you all! Are you shocked? Are you in awe? Why not?

start up gap flyer

practicing vood traffic

Practicing Voodoo Traffic at the Chicago library to get you to the Start Up Gap Episode with Anita Campbell tomorrow

Ulterior Motives

So, why am I sharing this with you. Well, three reasons:

1. I plan on winning the prize for the contest, and thought doing a blog post would help garner more attention. Always important to get compensated for writing and designing.

2. My subconscious NLP method for getting you to check out StartUpGap.Com tomorrow at 4 PM CST when I interview Anita Campbell, the owner of BizSugar. Working on getting some serious voodoo traffic to the event tomorrow with this post. Look into my eyes. Burn this date onto your Google Calendar! Join us for this session to learn how Anita Campbell built her business. On the count of three you will wake up with a sudden urge to watch this show.

3. I thought I would take this time to show you how to actually use the Creative Center to create your own graphics. When I do win, I want to make sure that I had some serious competition. Are you up for the challenge? He! He! He!



How To Set Up Your Own Flyer Or Business Card

I thought that one of the easiest ways to show you how to use the Creative Center would be to do a quick video, as I set up some business cards for Start Up Gap. Be prepared to be amazed. Now, that I have worked my voodoo on you, I am sure that it is sure to happen.

What do you think? Pretty easy for you to set up your own graphic as well right? Then join in on BizSugar, so I can have some additional competition.

What Do You Think?

I know this was a visual explosion for your eyes. Definitely join in on the contest, so you too can claim international fame for your graphic skills (or at the very least have a great flyer or business card made up on the cheap.)

In the meantime, quick question. Should I now become a professional graphic artist, or stick to writing? Let me know in the comment area, along with a link to your own design.

Preventing E-Commerce Issues Before They Occur

Unfortunately, E-commerce issues can arise, and  it can lead to an immense amount of frustration. When you’re a business owner, you constantly think about ways you can increase your revenue. Whether your company provides a service or has tangible goods to sell, an E-commerce website is the framework for your efforts to maximize profits. And simply putting a website together with your products and services available for purchase doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales.

There are plenty of issues that can arise within an E-commerce system, though it is the unrecognized problem that tends to cause the most trouble for business owners. At first, they may not even seem like issues, but if left unattended, can bring your company’s daily operations to a halt. Let’s discuss some of these issues, and potential ways to tackle them.

Security Measures

Just like any other website that allows customers to utilize online credit card processing, there is a certain level of hesitation a customer feels when entering their private information online. With all of the horror e-commerce shoppingstories of people having their credit card information stolen, there is still a legitimate fear of the “what if” associated with online payments. That said, how do businesses ensure their customers that they have nothing to fear?

First of all, you need to provide your customers with a set of Terms & Conditions that is extremely clear and to the point. These Terms & Conditions should cover matters such as your return policy, warranties, price changes, and of course, privacy. If you surprise your customers with something after they’ve made their purchase, they certainly won’t be happy to be caught off guard, and might not return to your company in the future. Make sure you cover your basis so you won’t lose customers to a more “trustworthy” site.

Next, take the time to thoroughly analyze your company’s website. Conduct as honest of an assessment as you can; it might be cool to have a high-end website, but it won’t necessarily lead to greater sales. Above all else, make sure you present your company, as well as its goods and services, to your audience in a professional manner. Ultimately, the customer’s first impression matters. You aren’t attempting to solely drive traffic to your site, but you’re also trying to convince customers to enter their credit card information for a purchase. By providing your audience with a neat and easy-to-read website that is also compatible with mobile browsers, you’ll provide your company with the greatest chance to boost its sales.

Payment Issues

In creating your E-commerce website, your goal was to make it as simple as possible for your customers to order the goods and services they need, while making it easier for your company to get paid. However, it takes time to sell new customers on your site and your company. They judge the site’s reliability, the quality of your products and services, and only if they like what they see will they consider placing an order. However, if your checkout process and shopping cart are even remotely difficult to master, you may end up losing sales. Before you have to respond to angry customer emails about their inability to place orders online, or before you have to evaluate why you’re seeing a drop in sales, there are three things you can focus on to ensure your merchant services operate flawlessly.

Start off by drafting up easy-to-follow instructions for your customers to follow to complete an order. You can place this information in a few different locations to make it even easier for your customers to place their orders. Consider placing this information on your website’s home page, as well as every other page where the customer can click to place their order. Whether you’d prefer to create a video to provide a face to your company, or a simple bullet list with each step, make sure you assist your customers as best you can in helping them spend their hard earned cash on your company.

Next, consider signing up for a secondary merchant services account to accept credit card payments. Sure, it may seem unnecessary if your current payment processor is operating flawlessly, but what happens if that processor goes down? If your site is unable to allow customers to complete their transactions, you not only lose that sale, but you run the risk of losing the disgruntled customer to your competition.

Then, evaluate your current confirmation emails you send to each customer who places an online order. If you only send a “Thank you for your order” email, you should seriously reconsider this approach. It’s of grave importance that your company provides its customers with a confirmation, but they also require a good amount of information in this confirmation email. When sending a confirmation email to a customer, you should include a detailed invoice of the order and confirmation of the received payment, along with any shipping information you can provide. This will let your customer know that you received their order, while providing them with peace of mind. Your above and beyond customer service will only leave your customers thinking highly of you, leaving open the possibility for future orders and greater word of mouth marketing opportunities.

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