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Guru Gushers: FreshBooks Review

This week’s Guru Gushers is gushing over our Freshbooks review of the project management software that just makes my life easier while working with clients.  The video walk through below will help you

Guru Gushers: FreshBooks Review Tutorial

Get Your Freshbooks! Get Your Freshbooks!

Guru Gusher: FreshBooks Review

1. quality-The site is really easy to navigate and use with little training. While some parts are harder to find, like learning where to list a client as paid. Note: you have to go into the billable hours on the calendar and list them as paid.
2. capability-Great for remote teams working on projects together.

3. likeability- The user interface on Freshbooks is really simple easy to use.

4. Does it say what is says it will do- Yessiree!

5. support-Never had a problem with their support ticket system. That being said, I can not remember the last time I had to contact their customer support team.

6. hard upsells-A little bit. They have a progressive pricing structure. The more services you want, the more you have to pay for those services. I never know if I should define that as a hard sell, however. What I would define as a hard upsell is having a puny amount of free choices versus the paid options.

I give Freshbooks an 8 out of 10, because they have a really easy interface with a great product. You can tell they do have a sales attitude towards their software. However, the software is really good, so nothing to be ashamed about hyping good software to consumers.  To start using Freshbooks go to the affiliate link below:

Get Your Freshbooks! Get Your Freshbooks!

This concludes our Guru Gushers Freshbooks Review.

Guru Gushers: Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photos

Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photo

Click image to make this go away! Ah!

Let us chit chat today about the lustrous beauty of Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photos. Guru Gushers seems like the ideal time to actually discuss how this cool photo site can help buff up your blog’s image to the world. Plus, since they are Royalty Free stock photos you are buying, this gives you the ability to use this in whatever marketing you see fit (Please check their term of use).


Guru Gushers: Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photos Tutorial

Guru Gushers: Fotolia Royalty Free Stock Photos

1. quality-These images are clean-cut, and easy to use on your marketing materials. Feel confident about having great marketing images for a great price.

2. capability-They have 19.3 million images on the site. Is that capable enough for you? Occasionally, I will not be able to find the photos I want. However, by and large they have a very large portfolio to help you with your images.

3. likeability-They are so cute! Oh! Wrong post! Yes, the site is very likeable. My favorite will always be the weird, wacky characters they have available on the site, like the two humping penguins (see above) and the mobster to the right. Also, by the way, I am an affiliate with Fotolia, so that instantly makes them more likeable.

4. Does it say what is says it will do- they have photos you can buy, so I will say a big fat whopping of course they maybe do what they say they will do. Duh!

5. support-No clue! Never talked to customer support about anything. I guess that is a good thing, right?

6. hard upsells- This is a pay by the credit company, so I think that they are doing a harder sell then most to get you to buy more images. The more images you buy, the more money they make.

Guru Gusher ranking: 8 out of 10. With the occasional photo not there, or there ability to charge for every photo you buy, you sometimes get a bit wary of the site. However, they are great when you are in a pinch for a great photo for your marketing. Let me know what Fotolia royalty free stock photos you use for your business?


Guru Gushers: YepText Mobile Marketing Platform

Cool stuff about YepText for this week’s Guru Gushers. This is a mobile marketing platform that helps you easily build your mobile marketing through text messaging to clients. I am really impressed with how simple they made their system. The only thing I had to search for was the QR code information. Everything else was easy to find, and quick to set up.

This is a great strategy for any retail or restaurant looking to get repeat business. Now you can provide your clients with incentives to come back to your store more often. Business professionals can use this to connect with their target market after they meet them at networking events, one-one coffees, and other events.

Guru Gushers YepText

Guru Gusher Review of YepText

1. quality-So far, so good! I am a little too early into my trial of this program to let you know the full quality of the site. The cool thing about sharing YepText with you as I get started is that I get to look at the site with fresh eyes.

2. capability-Test it for yourself. Per the video I set up above for my YepText account, Send smartstart to 41242 to see how it will look on your phone.

3. likeability-I can not get over how simple the set up is for YepText.

4. Does it say what is says it will do-Yes!

5. support-No clue! I have done everything online, because the system is simple and I have not had to contact


6. hard upsells- Every plan has a limited number of messages, so I guess you could say this is a hard sell.

However, they are upfront with you about the charges. They even had a pop out stating that after my two week trial I would be charged $9 per month unless I cancelled.

I am giving YepText a 9 out of 10 for such an easy design and set up.Like I mentioned above, the only challenge I had was with finding the QR code. Other than that this was a really simple process.

What do you think of YepText?

Guru Gushers- Meeting Burner For Webinars

Today’s Guru Gusher will hone in on webinar software Meeting Burner. Meeting Burner is the webinar software that is taking over from leading webinar stalwarts like GoToWebinar and Webex. I have been using this webinar software for about a year, and this is some good stuff.

Guru Gushers Meeting Burner


Guru Gusher Meeting Burner Review

1. quality- Meeting Burner has a lot of great features in their webinar software that makes them comparable to the traditional premium versions. GoToWebinar does have a better admin panel during live meetings. However, they charge $99 per month for 100 attendees. The price difference is huge.

2. capability-The webinars are pretty solid. I have had a few hiccups with the screen share in the past. Also, the recording quality of the audio is ok. I generally play camtasia while I do the webinars.

3. likeability-The system is so much easier than the enterprise versions. GoToWebinar is OK to use to set up meetings. However, it has a very cold, listless way of helping you set up a meeting. Meeting Burner is really idiot-proof.

4. Does it say what is says it will do-Absolutely! It provides great webinars.

5. support-I have not had a lot of contact with their support team, so I am not able to comment or speculate on this at the moment. If someone has some input please let me know.

6. hard upsells- The $99 per month package is a great deal, but probably out of most entrepreneurs budgets right out of the gate. Long-term this is probably the package you will want to use. Especially with the automated webinars.

This is a good software program to use for those looking to use webinars to convert larger number of clients. The applications of webinars are endless. From sales pitch to branding to educational to internal meetings. Having a good webinar system like Meeting Burner will make your life a lot easier.

Guru Gusher: Onlywire

I decided to test out a social media friendly tool called Onlywire. While I stopped using Onlywire around the middle of 2011, it was like riding a bike. You never forget how to get started, and that exhilarating feeling returns once you do. Looking back on Onlywire today reminded me of why this is such a valuable tool as a blogger.

For the original video on how to use Onlywire check out my original blog post on the subject. Instead of creating a new video on the same topic with the same information, here is the Youtube video I created from 2010 below. No Guru Gusher sounds today, but the information is still as accurate as when I recorded the video. The only exception is for the pricing structure, which has obviously changed.

Get started with Onlywire (Affiliate Link) and watch the video below.

Guru Gusher: Onlywire Set Up Tutorial

1. quality- Onlywire is a great product. the one challenge with the software is getting your message out across all of the networks. Some of them are not set up to work with content aggregators, and others just do not function properly with Onlywire. They are getting better, but if you submit to 40 networks, expect about 25-30 to go through. Still, this is a lot better than manually posting the same information to 25 different networks. Yuck, I believe would be the professional term for that.

2. capability-This goes into the quality issue discussed above.

3. likeability-The site is very intuitive. The only exception would be downloading the OnlyWire submitter. Not sure why that is necessary.

4. Does it say what is says it will do- Yes it does.

5. Support-Never had a problem emailing their support staff.

6. hard Up-sells- When you hit your submission levels, you will be asked to upgrade.  Not sure if that is a hard up-sell or not?

Onlywire has a lot of great features. I give the product an 7 out of 10 ranking. They are very good at fulfilling everything on their end, but do have a few issues with cooperating social networks. Still, Onlywire saves you a lot of time, while driving in traffic to your site.

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