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Interview With Amy Baxter Tomorrow

Join us tomorrow night for an interview with +Amy Baxter on she went from a bad incident with her son getting a shot to a fully fledged company.

Amy Baxter MD- – CEO, inventor, founder, visionary, dynamo – there are not enough words to describe this amazingly talented and inspiring leader. She keeps the Buzzy Team moving at an incredible pace while juggling a research career, pediatric emergency practice, husband and three kids under the age of 17! Loves teaching, sci-fi, ska, and drinks more coffee than anyone else in the planet.

Here is Amy’s Tedx Peachtree Presentation

We will start at 6:30 PM CST, so make sure to join us on the website to take joint notes.

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Join us at StartUpGap.Com

Inaugural Start Up Gap Episode With Joel Comm

For our inaugural episode we are interviewing Joel Comm, a New York Times Best Selling author and the genius behind one of the top

iPhone apps in the world, iFart. We will discuss how he started his career, and the lessons you can learn from his vast experience. We covered him earlier in the year in The Greatest Sales Pitch Ever.

Here is his bio:

I’m Joel Comm, an entrepreneur, New York Times Best Selling Author, and new media innovator. I have consistently been described as one of the world’s foremost authorities on Social Media, Internet Marketing, eCommerce and Mobile applications.

Note: To watch this interview, register at:


See you on Tuesday!


P.S. Almost Forgot! I have a surprise giveaway for those who attend this inaugural event. Yes, you have to be present to win.

Happy Halloween

headless-horseman02Happy Halloween to one and all! Thought I would scare you enough with this post, so you would have trouble closing your eyes in bed tonight. If that does not work, hold your breath, and I will come up with something better.

Therefore prepared some images which will enthrall and terrify you. Enjoy the Halloween images below! Ha! Ha! Ha!

If you dare!

Scary Halloween!


who’s that lady? Why is she a ghost?


I don’t know?


tell me now! who dares go go there?

skull01No! Don’t Put Me By The Window!

Spooky Face In Window

Oh Phiew! There is no one there! Ummmmmmmmmmmmm!

Now For The Scariest Thing Of All!

Monthly Social Media Community Hangout On Air

social media community Ready to meet amazing people at our free monthly social media community hangout out on air. Bring your questions about social media. Be prepared to connect with others on the hangout. Then get your butt over onto  Google+ today to join our free social media community hangout. This is an open networking event for those looking to create dynamic connections online.

Plus, I will refund your free ticket if you do not smile at least once during the entire Hangout.

Monthly Social Media Community Hangout On Air Details

What: A monthly meeting to connect with other business owners.

When: Tomorrow, October 30, 3:00 PM CST

How: Through video chat on Google HoA and YouTube live steaminggoogle hangout on air
Who: You, me, and plenty of other entrepreneurs.

This is the Social Media Monthly hangout. Lets connect, break bread online together, and create valuable connections.Will post link 10 minutes before event here on Google Plus Event Page. First 9 can join live, and interactive comments on YouTube for those who do not want to be on camera. This is recorded.

This is a social media event, so be social and invite your friends, followers, and connections. Look forward to seeing you there!

Google Hangout On Air

MeetWP Online Networking. Guest Speaker: Mika Epstein

Guess what? New MeetWP event today at noon. Awesome details below about how Mika can hack into your WordPress site.

Free event link to participate in MeetWP:

Why would you not want to join us? Do you think I am funny? Do I amuse you? Join us or face the wrath of Joe Pesci!

MeetWP Event Details:

Who: Speaker-Mika Epstein and MeetWP team

What: MeetWP Bi-weekly online networking meetup

When: Today, 9-10-13 at Noon

Where: MeetWP.Me

How: Go To The URL Bar and type in MeetWP.Me

Why: Because you want to network with WordPress enthusiasts around the world, and watch Mika hack into a site live on the show.


Remember to click play on video if it does not auto-start, so you can see what is going on.

Mika Epstein will be the guest speaker at the next MeetWP networking event coming up on September 10th at 12 PM CST. Connect with Mika at:

She will be discussing troubleshooting hacked sites. During the presentation, she will actually hack a site to show you what not to do with your WordPress security. Important for everyone to hear (and see).

Also stay on top of MeetWP news on our Google+ community: