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Great Internet Marketing NightCap Shows

I have not done an update recently on new Internet Marketing Night Cap Blog Talk Radio shows. In fact, this post will cover all of the shows from April and the first one in May. We have had some amazing guests on in the past month, and I think whether you want to know about Twitter from Peter Olsen and his growing swarm of 300,000 or learn about Facebook from Fan Page whiz Nathan Latka there is something here for every online marketer.

List of Internet Marketing Night Cap Shows

Our first show in April was with Nathan Latka of Lujure. He is the brilliant mastermind behind custom Facebook Fan Pages for small businesses and internet marketers. Go to

Show Link: April 2nd With Nathan Latka

We started discussing sales online as I interviewed Josh as we went into deep discussion about how we both find business online and offline.

Show Link: April 9th Roundtable Josh Alexander And Myself

We had Peter Olsen and his 300,000 followers on Twitter come out to discuss how he creates a solid network on Twitter. His insights into creating content and relationships are amazing. Connect with him @peteolsen on Twitter.

Show Link: April 16th With Peter Olsen

Brad Dixon has an amazing way of creating PLR products every month. His insights into video webinars and video emails were awesome as well.

Show Link: April 23rd With Brad Dixon

Rick Hodges is a true networker offline and online. He is creating valuable relationships and joint venture partnerships. He shares his insights with marketers through his joint venture partnerships that he has been able to create over the past few months. This includes his Skype group that now has close to 200 members in it.

Show Link: April 30th With Rick Hodges

Mark Hultgren has some great business centralization programs to help you manage your online business from one spot. Instead of having to create an affiliate program, email auto-responder, update all your WordPress sites, and work on the wide variety of different projects online from separate systems you can take a look at Delavo and how to create a centralized business platform for your online marketing.

Show Link: May 7th With Mark Hultgren

Next week we have Bond Halbert, the amazing copywriter on the show discussing his insights into copywriting. Let us know what topics you think we should cover during the Internet Marketing Night Cap?


New Internet Marketing Night Cap Shows

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It has been a few weeks, since I updated readers here on this blog about different shows that we have had on our weekly Blog Talk Radio show: The Internet Marketing NightCap.

Here is a review of past episodes.

On our March 12th Episode we had Dave Cook, founder of  TSA discussed the power of tribes.

Show Link: March 12th With Dave Cook

On our March 19th episode we gave subscribers an extra treat as they heard me discuss how to use content marketing through blogs and social media.

Show Link: March 19th With Andy Nathan

On our March 26th episode we had Robert Caruso from BundlePost discuss how to manage your social media content in order to build profitable relationships.

Show Link: March 26th with Robert Caruso

We also have some great episodes coming up that should be awesome! The show is ever Monday night at 5:30 PM CST. Here is the show page.

April 2nd-Nathan Latka will be discussing how to use Facebook Fan Pages for your business.

April 9th-Ken Brown will show you how he was able to take a 30 years sales career and use it enhance his online business.

April 16th-Pete Olsen will be discussing how important Twitter is and how is able to use his 300,000 followers to drive his business.

Let me know if you have any questions about the upcoming episodes for the Internet Marketing Night Cap.

Some Cool Internet Marketing Night Cap Shows

We have had some awesome topics over the last few weeks with the Internet Marketing Night Cap.  I thought today would be a great chance to review these episodes and also discover how you can learn more from our Monday night weekly radio show.

First, how do you actually watch the show? The answer is simple. Right now the show is on every Monday from 5:30 to 6 PM. While that slot might be moved a little bit over the next few weeks it will stay pretty consistent.

Second, what happens if you miss a show? That is exactly why every show is turned into a podcast. All you need to do is check out the video instructions below.

Internet Marketing Night Cap Directions

Internet Marketing Night Cap Past Episodes

However, if you want a recap of past episodes as well, check out these past episodes to get a taste for the skills and ideas you can discover with this show.

March 5th Episode (Guest- Bill Crosby): Bill is a master at social networking automation. He reviewed how to use software and how to make the bots seem almost human. To learn more about Bill check out his Social Traffic Plugin(Affiliate Link).

Show Link: March 5th with Bill Crosby

February 27th Episode (Guest- Judie Knoerle): Judy is pure awesomeness. She has a way of presenting herself that just makes you feel like when you are talking to her you are slouching on the couch eating chips. Even better, she shows people how to communicate online with that same grace and style. To learn more about Judy check out Red Cup Presentations.

Show Link: February 27th with Judie Knoerle

February 20th Episode (Guest-Josh Alexander): Josh is a master at automating WordPress. He is also great at creating multiple WordPress sites very, very, very quickly. To learn more about Josh check out my recent blog post on Multiple WordPress Sites.

Show Link: February 20th with Joshua Alexander

February 13th Episode (Guest-Sotiris Bassakaropolis): He can create money producing automated sites faster than you can say his name. Sotiris is the awesome Irishman that just amazes me with some of the ideas he comes up with. Check out his bookmaking site:

Show Link: February 13th with Sotiris Bassakaropolis

February 6th Episode (Guest-Lisa M. Blacker): Lisa is terrific at integrating your offline and online marketing together. From TV, Radio, and print to internet marketing she can help you with a combined strategy that puts everything in place nicely. Learn more about her at

Show Link: February 6th with Lisa M. Blacker

Let me know what topics you want to learn more about with upcoming episodes of the Internet Marketing Night Cap. And please! Please! Enjoy the current episodes of the Internet Marketing Night Cap.

Automate Your WordPress Blog Tonight With Your Internet Market NightCap

Get ready for another cool and crazy Internet Market Night Cap show with Market Lately. This week we are all about automating your WordPress blog. And all the way from Northern Ireland we have someone who is going to show how he completely rocks the WordPress Kashbah!

Before that, you probably need to know the what’s, when’s, where’s, and how’s!

Blog Talk Radio Episode Tonight

Where To Go: Internet Marketing Night Cap Show

Where To Ask Your Questions: Write your questions on our Fan Page at so we can get them answered on the show. Also, if you have any questions about the show, please let us know.

Your Internet Marketing Night Cap is yourour place to see what is going on with marketing that just wants to make you say, “Wow” as you find clients easier to find and easier to retain! This is your weekly internet marketing system update.

Every Week Learn How to Implement:

  • Tested online marketing systems for clients
  • Real life Search Engine systems for traffic
  • Social media systems to keep in touch with your clients and partners
  • A systemized approach to your internet marketing.

Tonight we have Sotiris Bassakaropoulos all the way from Northern Ireland discussing how to use automated WordPress sites to bring in quality traffic. This guy is a master with some sites that he has Alexa rankings in the 30,000 range. That is they are the top 30,000 sites out of roughly 180 million sites that are up today.

The sites are:

Also check out his coach page for additional information about who he is:

Join us tonight at 5:30 for a great show as we discuss how to automate your social networking system through WordPress.

If you have some burning questions about automating your webinar, please ask them on our Facebook Fan Page at:

Blog Talk Radio Interview On Integrated Marketing With Lisa M. Blacker

So our  first Market Lately Blog Talk Radio show on Integrated Marketing with Lisa Blacker went off without that many hitches. However, that is exactly why I am the human Guinea pig for your marketing desires, so you know what went right and wrong during the show.

Just a short wrap up of the show and some tips for first time users. Then feel free to check out the show at the bottom of this post. Click play and you get to hear it all like it is live. Replay it for your listening pleasure.

Facebook BadgeBlog Talk Radio Tips

First, testing out the station ahead of time can be challenging if you have a free account. Note: I always want to use the free version so I can get a feel for a system first before buying. Plus 80% of all users on a system like this will do the same thing, so I need to know what they are doing. The free accounts are limited to 30 minutes 3 times in a month. No extra testing sessions or anything from what I could tell. Just 3 sessions and that is it. So, naturally I made a few mistakes in the first minute. You can skip it or learn how to recover from the mistake like I did. Either way, my bonus gift to you. Also, my recommendation is to start using the this in the last week of the month, so you can do a full test run without running into problems.

Second, when they say 30 minutes, they mean 30 minutes. At the end of 30 minutes they shut down the broadcast. This is the biggest difference between a webinar and radio show. The last 90 seconds there is a chime that comes on telling the moderator that the time is almost up. It is unnerving. I was in mid-sentence and lost my place. Best to have less content than overwhelming amounts, because it could be call action fatal.


Third, the studio is really to use, once you understand it. The one thing is to make sure that you unmute people right away. Make sure the button is red for them to speak.  For examples to the contrary go to #1.

Fourth, you do not know if anyone is listening in, other than the callers. Maybe i missed it in my first radio show haze, but aside from knowing that Josh Alexander, my co-host and Lisa Blacker, the best guest were there I was not sure if anyone was listening until the BTR updated the stats this morning.  The show had that all alone, talking to yourself feel, which I only like to do in front of walls.

Fifth, you can download the podcast as well. My next great adventure will be to upload the MP3 of the show to iTunes, Podcast Alley, and other podcast emporiums for additional listeners. I have never completely understood how to publish on iTunes, so the next great adventure/blog post will be coming in the next few days. Until then I might throw my laptop across my apartment.

So without further ado, check out this awesome interview with Lisa M. Blacker about integrated marketing.

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Lisa M. Blacker About Integrated Marketing


Listen to internet radio with Market Lately on Blog Talk Radio


We are already setting up the blog talk radio show for next week (Guest pending). It will be next Monday, February 13th at 5:30 PM. Let me know if you have any questions about the upcoming show, Blog Talk Radio, or integrated marketing in the comments below?