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OmniStar Affiliate Management Software Tutorial

Over the past few days, I have had the chance to use the OmniStar Affiliate Program Manager. For small business owners looking to expand their reach through affiliate marketing this software is an easy way to start building your affiliate presence.

The power of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build a business on the internet today. Instead of competing for attention by yourself against the barrage of information on the internet, leverage those in your network to sell more and make money for your affiliates and yourself.

Affiliate marketing works, because people in your network are interested in what you sell. However, they do not have time to create the system and products you do. With the right audience, they can help both of you become more profitable.

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Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2012 for Beginners

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Affiliate marketing or affiliate promotion is a method used by the online suppliers in which they pay those who help their product or services to sell, generate leads, redirecting customers to the business website, or other kinds of options agreed upon. The people who support these suppliers are known as associates. When a certain task is accomplished the associates gets the income as set by the suppliers.

Individuals who are looking for making an extra income out of their web existence can use this wonderful method of affiliate marketing. You can start without investing a penny at all.

Why Internet Marketing Programs Are Offered?

Affiliate marketing is best and cheapest way to get the attention of focused traffic relevant to your product or service. The businesses are driving huge traffic from different websites just because of this affiliate marketing which doesn’t cost them much. For instance, if you need to sell your laptop sleeves then it is the best idea to do affiliate marketing with blogs and websites related to laptop. This way both the online supplier as well as the associate is benefited as the online supplier gets its potential customers and the associate gets the money for directing a customer to the business website.

Is There Any Money Required For Getting Started?

The best thing is that you don’t have to spend any money to become a part of any affiliate program or system. But if you are looking forward to starting a website promotion enterprise then you must build your affiliate website, go for a good web hosting, email promotion program, and domain name. In certain cases you might want to promote affiliate marketing links on the PPC advertising systems.

What Different Affiliate Marketing Programs Are Available?

With the growing trend of Internet marketing, the variety in affiliate marketing programs is also increasing. Some of the most commonly used affiliate marketing models are given as follows:

  • Pay Per Sale

The most common kind of affiliate marketing is pay per sale. As the name suggests, the associate gets a certain predefined commission on every purchase made through their affiliate link. There are different categories of pay per sale too like commission based or extra revenue.

  •  Pay Per Lead

In this marketing model you suggest a visitor to the vendor’s website for completing a certain task like making a login, or entering their email etc. You get certain money on every action taken by your suggested visitor. This kind of affiliate marketing can be quite profitable as the referral doesn’t have to buy anything and if your website has enough traffic there are a lot of chances that they will use your affiliate link.

  • Pay Per Click

This kind of affiliate marketing plans isn’t quite profitable for affiliates. You get paid for per click on the link or ad present on your website. The payments vary from some cents to some dollars per click. Adsense is one of the most well-known brands in this sort of marketing.

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Top Kindle Readers Today: Guest Post

I hope you know what a Kindle device is and that you’re planning to get one for yourself because if you enjoy reading books and magazines and find yourself carrying your reading material with you outdoors, there is no reason you won’t have a new Kindle reader and enjoy a whole new reading experience.

A Kindle reader lets you read any book you want anywhere at any time without the need for a book store and without the need to carry the book with you and that is because all your books will be stored in one small device you won’t even feel. I will now introduce to you the top 3 Kindle devices today with a few of their interesting features and then you’ll decide how you want to keep on reading…

Kindle 3G

The Kindle 3G wireless reading device is the most sold device by Amazon and to this day people from all over the world keep purchasing this amazing device. So, what makes it such a hit?

The Kindle 3G can store up to 3,000 actual magazines and books in it and with its Wi-Fi and free 3G you can download any book you wish from anywhere in the world in only 60 seconds. No need to look for a book store and no need to wait for an out-of-stock book, you don’t even need to think which book to carry with you on vacation or on a trip because you’ll be able to enjoy all books at any time just by turning the device on – it’s that simple.

Besides that, this reader comes with a long lasting battery so you can read from it for a whole month before needing to re-charge the battery again, you can read in bright sunlight since there is no glare effect at all and it is so small, thin and light that it weights only 8.7 ounces and if you care to check, that’s less than one paperback!

Kindle Touch

Moving on to the Kindle Touch, after the huge success of the Kindle 3G Amazon has decided to manufacture the Kindle Touch which features a touch screen and this reader quickly became a hit as well. The Touch version can store up to 3,000 books and magazines in it but comes with a battery that can last for two months now and that’s a lot! It also features a Wi-Fi connection and a free 3G to download books and magazines from anywhere in the world and it has a cool and new feature which allows the reader to read English text out loud if you don’t feel like reading at the moment.

These are of-course only a few of its amazing features and it’s even smaller and lighter than the Kindle 3G as it weights 7.8 ounces only so you have thousands of books with you in a device you won’t even feel carrying.

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is something else and it’s a lot more than a reading device. This is actually a new tablet by Amazon that comes to fight Apple’s iPad 2 and taking in consideration it costs half its price, it has a good chance to succeed.

It features a 7-inch screen which delivers 16 million colors, a dual core processor, you can read millions of books and magazines rich in color on it, watch over 100,000 movies and TV Shows, play new and favorite games and more. With its cloud storage feature you can even store all your progress for free and continue again from where you left and these are just a few interested features of this amazing and new tablet by Amazon.

Now you have an idea what a Kindle device and reader is and how it can help you enjoy your reading even more. Technology is amazing and you should enjoy it. Now no matter which book or magazine you want, you simply download it in one minute and start reading no matter where you are without the need for a book store, electricity or even carrying a book, and as for the Kindle Fire, well that’s an entire entertainment system which does everything for you.

So, now it’s time to decide how you want to continue reading your favorite books and magazines.

Take care and enjoy your new book…

Top Kindle Readers Today

Please note that this blog is not associated with any Kindle products. They are great products, which is why we agreed to this guest post, but have no responsibility for any purchases. That being said, the Kindle Fire is really cool!

Affiliate Marketing Basic Concepts: Guest Post

There are different methods of online marketing. A product, website, service, etc., available online can be marketed in different ways, one of which is Affiliate Marketing. The term affiliate marketing is self-explanatory. An affiliate means a partner, associate, member, colleague, or a contact, who promotes one’s website, product or service on his/her own marketing efforts. Such affiliates are rewarded for every new client they get in. The reward could be in cash or in kind, depending on the organization’s policies. In web marketing, the concept of affiliate marketing works very well. However, we see the same, in our day-to-day life. We see people recommending some particular store or brand to someone; we see people engaging in chain marketing and getting new people in the business, etc.; all this is affiliate marketing. The same concept applies to different websites providing different services or information, like sample resumes, resume writing, online resume services, online shopping, etc.

This terminology in online business can be simply put forth as the act of promoting a business, and in turn getting rewarded for the same. The best way of promoting a business through affiliate marketing is through your blogs. When you as a writer or publisher, promote some product or service on your blog, and your followers pay attention to the same, your half task is done. For further action, your writing should be such that the readers not only read your blog, and look at the website you have mentioned, but also buy something, or avail of their services, in case of resume websites uses their resumes, etc. Thus, for every client or user that you add to the promoted website, you get paid or rewarded.

Besides buying, when you refer a particular website to someone, and that particular person registers on that website, provides a phone number or email address, and takes up a survey, you get points, or monetary rewards for the same.  In terms of commission, the percentage is usually fixed, and the person referring others will get commission based on the number of referrals he/she generates.

Get started, and use affiliate marketing for promoting shopping websites, sample resume websites, resume cover letter websites, online surveys, etc., and get paid or rewarded in turn.


Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Part 2

This is a continuation of the Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Part 1 that we discussed yesterday.  The first half of the Affiliate marketing tutorial was geared at creating a strong foundation for your affiliate marketing business. Today we will be talking more about the strategies you need to actually drive traffic and start converting that traffic. Details right? Details!

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 14 Tips of The Trade

Continuing at Number 8

8. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is crucial to driving traffic to your site. I have discussed SEO countless times on this blog. Just because you are doing affiliate marketing does not mean you should not be optimizing your site for Google. In fact, if anything when you are using a blog to start promoting your affiliate links you need to up the ante. Check out the follow posts that I have written on the subject of SEO: Effective Search Engine Optimization,  Free SEO Keyword Tools That Will Amaze You, and 5 Ways To Quality Backlinks

9. List Building is bigger than you possibly imagined. It is amazing how many people when they sign up for your list for a while and hear what you have to say are interested in your products and services at some point and time. The fact is that the web is not the new frontier that it used to be. People do not go online and get all up in a frenzy, because they are connected to the WWW. Instead, you have to build a relationship. The easiest way to do this is through email.

Having the right email auto-responder is crucial for automating the system. I have been using Aweber for the past 2 years now and it is a dynamic system where I am always finding new and cooler applications for all the time.

10. The right content for the right crowd. Make sure your content is appropriate for who you are writing to in your articles, web content, and emails. You would not use “LOL” or “ROTFLMAO” to a business audience, just as you would not obsess about using words, such as “ROI” and Split A/B Test among teens.  Learn who you are talking to and adjust your style to match theirs.

11. Cloak Your links. The Aweber link above is cloaked. What that means is that you can not pull out the affiliate tracking code that directs people to Aweber. The reason this is important is that some people will do this to spite  your efforts to make money. Therefore, cloaking your link protects you from losing affiliate commissions.

I have been using Pretty Link Lite, however Go Codes was not bad from the brief tests that I did with that software. Please note that these are WordPress plugins. They might be available off WordPress, but my experience with them is completely through WordPress. Do not ask me what they are like off WordPress.

12. Paid Advertising- Some times it pays to advertise for either products or just to build your list for future offers. I am not a huge paid advertising person, but I have had some success with limited advertising. One of my favorite sites for paid advertising is

I once did some Peerfly sales off of 7Search for Google Android that returned a 25% profit margin. They slowed down eventually and it was not scalable, but good for making some quick bucks on the right products. I have found that technology and money making opportunities do best here. Other products have dive bombed so far on the site that they ended up on the other side of the planet.

13. Article Marketing- This ties in with a lot of the other approaches above, but it needs it’s own category for the breadth of different types of article marketing that you can do. Everything from blogging to writing ezines to re-purposing content for your emails marketing is a great way to build your business.

Now, for those who are deathly afraid of article marketing, you are talking to the right person. My recent 28 Cent Articles video course shows you how to outsource articles for only 28 cents per article and a little lifting from yourself.

14. Different Affiliate Programs- That brings us to the close of this Affiliate Marketing Tutorial. Where do you actually go to become an affiliate. Well, I am going to give you a few options to get started. Some of the first sites you might want to take a look at are ShareASale, Peerfly, and Linkshare. These sites have a wide variety of merchants who are

However, for the first five people who take me up on this post before November 1st, 2011 I will be offering a special to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

I have a number of affiliate products that I am launching in the next few weeks. Right now, I have all my affiliate products over at E-junkie, but am in the process of applying for Clickbank, which is another affiliate network.

Here is my offer:

I will help you set up for FREE either a basic wordpress blog or a 3 part email campaign for your affiliate marketing as long as you do one or preferably both of the following:

1. Sign up as an affiliate to market products, such as 28 Cent Articles at the link below:

Join our Affiliate Program!

(Please remember this is for the First 5 People Only)

If you have any questions about this arrangement, please ask them in the comment section below.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoyed this look at part 2 of the affiliate marketing tutorial.