Brexit Marketing Fails To Avoid In Your Business

I stayed quiet on Brexit for as long as I could. I swear to you, not keeping my big yap shut about this is too much to handle. However, after a week of soul searching and mad mouth zipping skills, I have to say something. Brexit Marketing is a complete fail!

I know that the Leave camp is falling apart in the aftermath of the election, but seriously the Remain camp must have one of the worst marketing teams in the history of Europe. I mean, you literally broke up the largest union of nation-states in the history of mankind. The great experiment failed, and now you need some branding help.

Fortunately, after years of helping companies improve their branding online I have some ideas that can help you recover from one of the most embarrassing results in recent history.

brexit marketing

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Digital Marketing Musings Digital Helpings

Here is the latest episode of Digital Marketing Musings. In this episode we discuss Digital Helpings. Ways that you can help others with your with your digital marketing efforts. Enjoy!

digital marketing strategies

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My Blog Posts Should Be How Long?

It is ironic that an article on how many words blog posts should have comes out to around 8,000 words. While I did cut some of the fat, a lot of the comments below on blog posts lengths have a lot of great (and differing) ideas on the subject.

This post weighs the pros and cons of each to help you determine the right length for your blog posts. If you want to create content on a regular basis, then this can help you determine the best format for your posts.

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