Give Thanks On Twitter

How thankful are you on Twitter for every Retweet? Do you say it? Do you tell people that you appreciate the tweets they did to help you promote your content?

If the answer is no, then why not? Saying thanks on Twitter can be very therapeutic and at the same time beneficial for your business.

Plus, it only takes a few minutes every day to check your account to thank people. It is a great thing to do when you really don’t feel like getting out of bed first thing in the morning. Or when you are on the train in the middle of traffic. Perhaps when you just have 2 minutes to give thanks at some point during the day.

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Sell The Sizzle On LinkedIn

sell the sizzle linkedin

Do you ever go on LinkedIn, fill out your profile, and then ask “Now What?”

If so, it is time to sell the sizzle on LinkedIn. In this free, 30 minute webinar we show you how to get sparkling new leads from your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

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Get it Out There: Why So Many Bloggers Fail

get it out there

It has to be just right! I mean, if that dangling participle is off…well, my blog could be the end of my business as we know it.

Yeah! I know, most entrepreneurs have this gut instinct that the world is watching with an atomic weapon for every dangling participle that spews out of your blog post.

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